Grammar of the Week | Passive Verbs vs Action Verbs Part 4


Alright so we talked a lot about passive verbs last week. I just wanted to make sure that I posted a clear understanding of it before we moved on to active verbs. They look alike but they are slightly different. Today will be short as this is something that we’ve been doing all along but I still wanted to highlight it this week so that you’re aware of what you’re doing when you say this or when you write it.

Passive Verbs: The action is performed by someone else


  • The door was closed by him.
    • The door : subject
    • closed: passive action by “him”

Active Verbs: The subject is performing the action


  • I ate the burger.
    • I : subject
    • ate : active action performed by “I”

Okay? So now let’s focus more on the active verbs.

Active verbs are your typical verbs. There’s no real fancy way to conjugate them. Just like with the usage of passive verbs, it is all in the sentence structure and wording.


  • 가르치다 (gareuchida) | to teach
    • Active: 나는 가르쳐요. | “I teach.” or “I’m teaching.”
  • 읽다 (ilgda) | to read
    • Active: 그녀는 그 책를 읽었어요. | She read the book. or She was reading the book.

So that’s it for today!


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