Drama to Watch | The Flower in Prison

I’ve never actually done one of these before, I usually highlight movies but I have been binge watching this show since I found it today. Plus, I kinda didn’t look at anything kpop all week. I’ve been watching dramas all week. However, are you watching The Flower in Prison?

Just started and let me tell you, it definitely surprised me. I’m a fan of historical dramas. I like them more than most because the plots to me are a bit more realistic. Even though it’s usually all the same, “power hungry member of palace plots to take control, banishes rightful owners of throne, rightful heirs to the throne must fight for their spot back”, this one is slowly becoming one of my favorites because not only is there a lot of mystery surrounding our heroine but she’s also pretty powerful. No weakling here!

So I guess this is the part where I tell you what it’s about and give my overall opinion…

In short, it’s a drama about a girl who was born in prison under strange circumstances. For starters, her mother was not actually a prisoner. She was on the run and pregnant at the time of her escape. She finally receives refuge after she passes out and is taken to the prison by a seemingly unwilling bystander. From there, Ok Nyeo, the baby born to the woman, is raised by guards and prisoners as she grows up in the prison. The story progresses and we see her set out on a journey to discover her true identity.

But so many questions remain about her mother like, who was she being chased by? Why was she being chased? And why did they want to kill her?

It’s currently ongoing and because I’m only halfway done, I won’t spoil it anymore from here. However I will say it is definitely worth watching. It has a good balance between comedy and drama but it does have a lot of violence. The storyline overall is intriguing. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 7.5. Why? Because even with everything good about it, there are things that it lacks. The character development is great but there are parts in the story that seem to drag and are a bit unnecessary to add. Like, saying a name or title incessantly and at random moments, “do you know who I am?” There are also moments where it things that are supposed to remain “secret” are revealed too soon and repetitively. “I’m part of a secret society but you can’t tell anyone or you’ll die” and then proceeds to tell more people.

Overall, if you like historical dramas that don’t take themselves too seriously with a believable storyline, you’ll probably like this show.

But what do you think? Will you watch? Are you watching? Talk to me in the comments below!


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