Clear Skin? Dewy Look? How??? [video]

I’ve always been curious as to how these Korean actresses and kpop idols have this clear and dewy skin. I can’t be the only one! It’s such a great fresh face look and I’m a huge fan of it. But from what I’ve personally learned in my ‘road to clear skin’, the dewy look isn’t as easy I thought without the right products.

Right now, I only use my bb cream and concealer. When they’re on first thing after I wash my face it gives me this glow and dewy look, but then after a while it completely wears off. Super annoying.

But then I found this video… I told you guys I’m not a beauty blogger/vlogger, but I do like sharing what I find. Not only is the a great video for beauty tips but it’s a little bit of a Korean lesson for those of you learning. See? I covered all my bases with this one!

I figured Monday’s will be dedicated to my beauty friends. What tips have you found along the way for clear skin?


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