SISTAR’s So-you Skin Care Secret [video]

In lieu of a Foreign Language Tip post, since it won’t be back until October – November, I’ve decided to make this day “skincare/make-up” tutorial posts from… your favorite kpop idols and 네이버Naver celebs! Just for now, I think I’ll alternate between the two. And just a note, none of this is sponsored. I’m nowhere near popular enough for that! hahaha!

Personally, I know some people are actually interested in the products you personally use when you make these types of posts so I’ll tell you. My product list has changed dramatically after a really bad break-out these last two weeks so I’m hopeful that this will work. I use Neutrogena’s hydrating eye cream, witch hazel for toner, Neutrogena’s cleansing foam, and noxema for my acne. Not in that order. Though none of these products will be in the video, I’m sure you may find some that are useful. I definitely will be picking up a product or two after seeing this.


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