Word of the Day | 가다 [gada] + ( -ㄹ 까(요))


Back again! Woot! I missed Monday completely by accident. I had a mishap in my days and by the time I remembered what day it was, it was little late to post. However, we’re not doing anything unfamiliar this week so it’ll be really quick and easy.

Today’s word is a very familiar word however we are combining it with the Grammar of the Week.

가다 [gada]| “to go”  + -ㄹ 까요

  • 우리는 갈까요?  (uri-neun galkkayo?) | “Should we go?”
I actually debated on whether or not to include the subject particle but I don’t want to teach bad habits. I’ve become a bit lazy in my speech so if you see examples without the particle, unless I specifically say it’s for a conversation with a friend, just know it was a typo and the particle should be there.
Okay, that’s it for today! Very short and to the point!

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