Grammar of the Week | -ㄹ/을까(요) [What’s the possibility?]


This week’s Grammar of the Week may look a bit familiar to you. If you look closely, it does strongly resemble the Grammar of the Week from last week. -ㄹ/을까 하다. Have no fear, this is different. We’re not talking about intention this week, we’re talking about “possibility”. This lesson is pretty straightforward so this post will be really short. We’re going to talk about  -ㄹ/을까(요) first and then do examples all week like last time.

Possibility is asking questions such as “is it possible that… will happen?” or “What’s the possibility that (x)?”. This particular verb ending also can be used to ask questions like, “Should I do…?” “Should we go…? This week we’ll focus on possibility and then next week we’ll talk about the “Should”.


  • used to ask questions
  • these can be asked of oneself (i.e., “talking to yourself”)
  • asked of another person
    • Should we…?
    • Should I…?
    • “What’s the possibility…?”
    • “Is it possible…?”

For example, “Do you think it will rain today?” vs “Is it possible that it will rain?”

Though the structure is the same, the translation will differ based on context.


  • 오늘 비가 올까? | “I wonder if it’ll rain today?” / “Is it possible it’ll rain today?”
  • 오늘 비가 올까? | “Do you think it’ll rain today?”

Nothing changed sentence structure wise, but the translation did because the context has changed. We’ve gone from talking to ourselves, (introspective, i.e., your own thoughts) to being in a conversation with another person.

We’ll stop here today before I start rambling and confusing you. It’s pretty simple it’s not much to it. We’ll do some examples all this week!

That’s it for today!



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