Grammar of the Week | ~ㄹ/을까 하다 + 소개하다 (sogaehada) [Word of the Day]


Okay so in the spirit of last week’s lesson, we’re going to stick with the theme of what you’re planning on doing. Please let me know in the comments if we have done this before. I am currently working without a desktop and so this is a little difficult for me.

But first, the WOTD!

소개하다 (sogaehada) | “to introduce”

~ㄹ/을까 하다 | a verbal stem attached to express the meaning of intention or plans

  • 갈까 하다 | “I intend to go”/”I am thinking of going”

Okay so for now I’ll stop here. It’s difficult to do this on a tablet because WordPress autosaves and slows this process down tremendously while I wait for it to load every few seconds but we will be going over this all week.

So see you then!


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