Wednesday Kpop Update | MBN Reporter Mocks Tiffany Amidst Controversy + Zico Anti-Smoking Campaign + CL Comeback! + New Music Videos

There’s a lot that’s happened this week but I’m gonna get straight to it… starting with Tiffany.

So there’s this thing that happened with Tiffany on instagram where she posted a picture after the tour and she used the Japanese flag emoji. Under any other circumstances it would’ve been okay, but she just so happened to have posted this on The National Liberation Day of Korea, which is August 15th.

That didn’t sit too well with anybody… It bothered so many people that it sparked many debates on television and radio over whether or not it was okay or if she knew better considering that she’s from America.

Well now it’s spread all the way to the news. Apparently, an MBN reporter made a pretty “interesting” comment live on the air after announcing Korea’s loss to Japan in badminton at the 2016 Olympics. He mocks her saying, “Congratulations Tiffany” and he’s not apologizing. Many people are divided over this but I don’t think, regardless of the backlash, I don’t think it’s going to make him apologize.

In a bit of lighter news, Block B’s Zico is collaborating with The Ministry Of Health & Welfare for an anti-smoking campaign! This is basically open to the public and there will be a competition and a cash prize.

“An audition will take place… for a chance to perform a smoke-free campaign song with Zico. Those who audition can submit their self-composed songs, raps, and or lyrics to until September 30th, 2016. Offline auditions will also be held in Seoul, as well as in two rural cities… The total cash prize of 1,000,000 (about $914.79) will be shared among six people.”

(source: kpopstarz)

And of course, the overall winner will take home the bulk of the prize.

So with 2NE1 down to three and hearing that Minzy is doing just fine, everyone still wants to know what’s going on with CL! She put out a song or two but we didn’t hear much else.

Well, it’s because she’s been busy and she’s ready to show us what she’s been working on.


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Are you ready to be “LIFTED”?



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