Beauty Bible | Nature-Friendly Natural Cosmetics (video)

This clip is about a year old but, in my mind, even though products do change with each season, the tips in the video still hold true.

I didn’t do a special Friday post, but that didn’t exclude a surprise Sunday post! Isn’t it more fun when you least expect it?

I wanted to highlight this because I personally have been moving more and more towards all natural cosmetics. I have to be careful of the products I pick due to allergy reasons, however, I still seek them out more. But a lot of people are a bit apprehensive about them like I once was. Are they useful? Will they blend naturally? Will they look okay on my skin? It’s a lot of “what ifs” and it doesn’t help that these products can be pretty expensive. This video will probably answer a lot of your questions and will really help you for those you working on blending.

For those wondering, I have been using products from the company Pacifica. It’s an all natural company that has make-up, skincare, etc. I only use it for skincare products for now because that’s as far as I’ve gotten in my all natural journey but so far I like them. I’m not vegan but I do like these products. They’ve done a great job at cleansing my skin but I do combine them with my acne facial wash, Burts Bees exfoliator, and Dickinson witch hazel toner because I honestly don’t see them doing that much for my acne or evening my skin tone. But they are a great cleanser and make-up remover!

I don’t know if they’re available in your country but I know I found them in different stores like Sephora or Ulta. And you can also order them online.

Okay, on to the video!

You’ll notice in the video, she does a lot of the application with her hands vs brushes… remember, your hands are your best tools when applying make-up too!


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