Weekend Kpop Update | China to Begin Restricting Kpop Activities + EXO Filming Repackaged Comeback + SHINee Making a Comeback, Rumor Mill

This post a long time coming! It’s been a while right? I deliberated very hard over doing another one of these and decided, why not?

Let’s start with the news of I.O.I before we move to the news coming from China. I.O.I is getting ready to make a comeback in a way you haven’t seen them before. That’s right, no more of the cutesy image, the ladies are coming back with a “sexier” concept. If you follow their Mnet show, “LANCableFriend I.O.I”, you may have seen a hint of this new concept with their dances and imagery.

Hmmm… I wonder how this will turn out. I doubt very strongly it’ll be on the 19+ level, it’s likely to probably be more chic than sexy.

China has their own reasoning for why they are preparing to limit kpop activity in the country and it has everything to do with the potential for war. Hopefully you’ve been following this story on the news but if you haven’t, here’s a short version.

“…On July 7, 2016, South Korea and the United States officially confirmed their decision to deploy the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system on South Korean soil. This is a joint response to North Korea’s continual testing of new medium- and long-range ballistic missiles, both land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and to its belligerent rhetoric, including the declared intention to attack U.S. military bases in the Pacific and also the continental United States… At the Shangri-La Dialogue last May, the principal diplomatic forum for Asia-Pacific security issues, China already registered a strong protest against the possibility of THAAD deployment, and South Korea and the United States expect a robust reaction to last week’s confirmation. China’s concerns are: THAAD could use its X-band radar to defeat China’s Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) strategy, which relies on a ballistic missile attack upon U.S. forward bases in East Asia; the THAAD decision implies that South Korea may join the U.S.-led Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system; and THAAD represents a serious reduction in the effectiveness of the buffer zone between U.S. and Chinese forces in place since the end of the Korean War in 1953…”

(source: thediplomat.com)

Did you catch all that?

Now, this is a serious issue especially with the turmoil going on between the U.S. and North Korea. So what does this have to do with kpop? Well apparently, as part of China’s way of opposing the decision to deploy THAAD, they want to put restraints on the imagery coming from South Korea.

“According to a statement by China’s General Office of Television Broadcasting, there will be prohibitive measures against K-Pop artists’ activities in China. This will severely limit the scope of K-pop artists’ promotions and endorsements as they will be prohibited to hold activities and concerts with more than 10,000 people in attendance.”

(source: allkpop)

This could ultimately affect the sales of concert tickets and merchandise for a lot of kpop artists and agencies.

Moving on to lighter news…

EXO is preparing for their repackaged comeback by filming new music videos! But don’t expect it anytime soon, the guys are still hard at work.

“A report by OSEN states that while filming is not yet complete, the members have officially begun comeback preparations for August. SM Entertainment previously responded to news of an August comeback by EXO, saying that they are planning for it, though it has yet to be made official.”

(source: soompi)

My guess is, we could see this comeback as early as September maybe? Don’t quote me on that.

And finally, the news all SHINee fans have been waiting for… they are making a long-awaited comeback! (Who said Taemin gets to have all the fun?) Although, this is all still just as a rumor and hasn’t been officially confirmed. But it is being said that they could be making a comeback sometime this year. No word on when.

I have my doubts on this one. I’m not saying it’s impossible but… they did just finish a concert and they are getting ready for a new one, “SHINee Concert: SHINee World V” on September 4th and 5th at the Olympic Park Stadium. To me, it seems as if it may be a bit much to perform shows and record songs but who knows… maybe SM has something planned we don’t know about yet.

Stay tuned on this one…


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