[Grammar of the Week] 으로 pt 3 + 번째 (beonjjae) | [Word of the Day]


Okay so last week we talked about destination and travel.Here’s a quick bit of review. 

You’re probably familiar with the location particle, -에. This is added to places in a sentence to mark it as a location. So just like there are particles to mark nouns/objects, this particle works in the same manner… 으로 serves a similar purpose when used to discussion destinations or directions.

으로 | “travel” 

에 | “location”

Today, we’re talking about using this in reference to placement. But first, we’ll cover the WOTD which is relevant to this lesson.

번째 (beonjjae) | “position in order”

So in lieu of examples, we’re going to just jump right into the lesson. 으로 can be used to express the “position in order” by attaching it to 번째 and a number.

For example:

  • 나는 여기 첫번째. | “I was here first.”
  • 그 녀는 라인 에서 두 번째 였어. | “She was second in line.”

It’s pretty simple and short and to the point. I think this is probably a little easier than last week, at least for me it is. Next week we will move on to something new.


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