Wednesday Kpop Update |”Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”, IU’s Acting Draws Criticism + I.O.I Comeback Announced + VIXX Leo, Status Update on Health

Due to my lack of internet access, I’m struggling a little to do this post. But we’re going to get through it as best as possible. I’m working on getting internet back on my desktop. But in the meantime, check out for links to the top kpop news stories this week as well as teasers, photos, and a whole bunch of other stuff that doesn’t make it to the blog! (shameless plug)

Alright, so I will just say it, IU can’t catch a break! Critics first said that she was wearing too much make-up for the drama and now they’re saying her acting isn’t exactly credible. Yikes! Well, Kim Young Sub, the director of “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”, has responded to the acting critics and he says in short, it’s because people are already super critical of IU.

“I don’t think that it deserves to be so severely criticized… I know people are prejudiced about IU because she made her start as an idol… I don’t believe it is fair for people to judge her acting based on this excessive prejudice.”

(Source: soompi

I have to say I agree with him on this. IU gets a lot of flack for a lot of different reasons but at least give her a chance to improve.

A bit of a shocker to me but I was unaware there was any thought that I.O.I would be making a comeback with less members than before but, apparently there were rumors flying around that I missed. Well, Surprise! All 11 members are returning. I.O.I’s agency, YMC Entertainment confirmed the new on the 30th.

On August 30th, the girl group’s acting management agency YMC Entertainment confirmed their comeback which is set for the second week of October. The members have already begun with the tracks’ recording sessions, and it is being further reported that producer Rhymer would be producing two of their songs, raising expectations of the public.

(source: koreaboo)

Time to celebrate this bittersweet victory I.O.I fans and supporters alike, the ladies are winding down to their final time together as a group as they will disband next year.

VIXX’s Leo was injured during a recording of MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship”. He was injured in the face during the futsal portion. There has been large debate over whether or not idols should be participating in activities like this, with a large amount of fans saying no. Why? Because of things like this! I digress. It’s actually a pretty interesting debate.

Back on topic…

However, Jellyfish Entertainment has come out and said, he’ll recover.

“Because there is still swelling in his face, Leo will get sufficient rest and recover stability this whole week, and we confirmed through an expert that there is no problem with recovering from the injury.” – allkpop “Jellyfish Entertainment updates on Leo’s condition”

(source: allkpop)

Looks like he’s going to be alright! Don’t worry so much.

That’s it for this week! Because I’m working from a tablet, I will now direct you all to for videos. I’ll have a separate post for them hopefully this weekend!

운둥하다 (undonghada) | [Word of the day]


I unintentionally have been forgetting to add the romanization of each word and sentence. I’ve gotten so used to not doing it during the Grammar of the Week so this combined week of GOTW and WOTD is throwing me off a bit. I’m going to try to remember to add it in the future. I thought by now I’d have internet on my desktop but I still don’t so I’m still using my tablet to update TwentyThirdStation… bare with me guys!

Let’s get started! This word is also a familiar one.

운둥하다 (undonghada) | “to exercise”

Again, we are combining this verb with the lesson from the Grammar of the Week, 을까 하다 (-eul kka hada)


  • Drop 다
  • 운둥 + 을까 하다
  • Conjugate 하다 to get 해 or 해요
  • 운둥을까 해요 | “I intend to exercise/I am thinking of (going to) exercise”
    • [this doesn’t include the full sentence, for the purpose of this example it is simply understood. However, remember that you would have to add a conjugated form of 가다 (gada) to complete this thought.]
This is a little different then before because it already had 하다 attached to it as a stem. However, 운둥 can actually exist by itself as a word and so you don’t need to worry about it too much. We’re still treating it as a verb in this example.
So that’s it for today! Final example for this lesson tomorrow before we move.

PONY Makeup | Natural Makeup Look

I debated on what to make this post…

I didn’t want to do another Weekend Kpop Update. With my internet pretty much down and I’m forced to use other means like my tablet or cell phone to blog, I didn’t really want to fight with the tabs and skipping and glitching that comes from trying to do too many things on portable devices.

And then it hit me… I haven’t highlighted a beauty vlogger in a while and thus my search began and landed on… PONY makeup. I don’t know why but I feel as if I’ve talked about her before. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen her videos from time to time. After watching her video, “Singapore Trip ‘get ready with me'” and then seeing all of her other videos and pictures (instagram| @ponysmakeup), I officially decided… it’s time to follow her. I think most of her videos are subbed but if you are new to her videos like me, check them out!

And for those learning Korean, watch the videos without the subs to see how much you understand and then turn the subs on to see if you were accurate or close.


돌아오다 (dorawada) | [Word of the Day]


This word has definitely been a word of the day before, however, it hasn’t been used quite like this. You may be familiar with seeing it in the 2NE1 song, “Come Back Home” as 돌아와. This is one of it’s conjugations and probably most commonly used in kpop songs and maybe even in everyday conversation. Today, we’re going to combine this word with the Grammar of the Week.

Quick refresher here…

돌아오다 | “come back; to return”

We’re going to take that and combine it with the Grammar lesson. So remember, the lesson is using 을까 하다.


  • Drop 다
  • 돌아오 + 을까 하다
  • Conjugate 하다 to get 해 or 해요
  • 돌아을까 해요 | “I intend to return/I am thinking of coming back”
Pretty simple right? We’re going to keep working on these all week. 
See you tomorrow!