Foreign Language Tip #12 | 사람들을보고 이야기

Have you been practicing reading in 한글? If you haven’t you should give it a try. Pretty soon, romanization would be something you wouldn’t even consider.

But today isn’t about that. Today is about people watching, 사람들을보고, specifically, watching them talk 이야기.

Why do you need to watch people talk?

I think we talked about this slightly in the past but we didn’t really go into too much detail. So let’s talk about why this is important.

  1. Pronunciation
    1. Watching how other people say things will greatly influence how you say things. This is why watching k-dramas/Korean news/broadcasts/etc. and mimicking Korean speakers is so important. You want to be able to speak in such a way that Native speakers can understand what you’re saying.
  2. Listening skills
    1. Watching people talk helps you develop listening skills. You’re utilizing a lot of your comprehension abilities when you’re watching how their mouth moves when they say words and you’re teaching yourself how to do it.

These are two really important areas that you have to focus on when you’re learning a new language. It won’t be easy, in fact, you’ll feel a little weird watching their mouth and tongue movements and trying to mimic it to properly pronounce a word or phrase but consider this, babies do it all the time when they’re first learning how to speak.

And now you get practice it!

Here’s a story time video from TTMK.


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