Weekend Kpop Update | Is Roy Kim the “Dark Knight” on Masked King? + I.O.I vs Netz, Accused of Rigging Heart Count on V App + Clara Returning to TV

This weekend was filled with a lot of “interesting” news. miss A’s Fei is making a solo debut with a 19+ video, new music releases and comebacks from some of our favorite artists and comeback announcements.

But no announcement more “shocking” that a slip of the tongue by a music site saying that the “Dark Knight” on Masked King is Roy Kim. Or was it a shock?

MBC has already come out and denied the claims releasing a statement saying, “(allkpop)”

But the fans already know the truth, this wasn’t a surprise. And not surprisingly, they think MBC is trying to deflect.

See for yourselves!

Strange things happen fans get a bit obsessive. The latest target is none other than I.O.I on the V app.

Now personally, I don’t know if this was a huge deal made by fans or by writers on media websites but I do know it’s out there and needs to be settled. Here’s the story, I.O.I set the record for most hearts on a video on the v app. However, the heart count, (200 million) wasn’t matching the video count (9,000).

So of course the netz went to work investigating.

“While it’s certainly possible that IOI fans might have given more hearts to the girls, others noticed something else strange. At 2:26 AM, the video had 195,953,691 hearts. Eleven minutes later at 2:37 AM, the heart count had jumped to 200,065,322, meaning that in the span of 11 minutes, the heart count had jumped by 4 million even though there were only 9,000~ viewers. This means they went up by 6,600~ hearts per second, which seems highly improbable.”

(source: allkpop)

I am inclined to agree with commenters on this one. It is indeed very possible for this to happen without any sort of “rigging” or “conspiracy”. Happens frequently on YouTube.

Nothing to see here.

And finally, Clara has returned to tv. After spending time off, about a year, since the massive scandal involving a certain CEO who just so happened to be over her agency at the time, she has finally returned to the light to appear on the show “Unnies Who Know Some Style”.

When asked about her choice, she said:

“Because this is my comeback after a year-long break, I want to become more approachable to the general public. And I’ve always been interested in beauty, which is why I chose this program.”

(source: soompi)

“Unnies Who Know Some Style” is a show about fashion and beauty. It incorporates all elements of fashion which includes design. It seems like a good way to get her back into the world of television before resuming her career. She said in part that she does want to get into acting again as well.

Wishing her all the best! I’ll be watching.




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