Foreign Language Tip #10 | Making Your Own Simple Sentences

Remember yesterday’s WOTD? I gave you a list as an activity to translate. Here’s the list again.

  • 저  Jeo | 나  Na
  • 저와 당신 Jeo-wah-dangshin | 나와 너는 Na-wah-neoneun
  • 우리들다 Uri-deul-da

Ready for the answers?

  • I
  • I and You
  • Both of Us

This was probably the easiest exercise I’ve ever give you as some sorts of review. But did you get the point of it? The point is, we’ve covered these things before and you probably recognize what you’re reading without translation tools.

Let’s try a sentence.

  • 너와 나 여기 살고있다. | “You and I live here.”


  1. 너와 나 [Subject/object particle]
  2. 살다 – 살고있다 [future/present/part tense conjugation]
  3. 여기 [directional]

These are things you recognize without really having to think about it. So the question of the day… Have you started making simple sentences?

Let’s look at the common verbs that are typically used on a daily basis that you probably use all the time in English.

  1. sleep
  2. hunger
  3. thrist
  4. bored
  5. happy
  6. tired
  7. excited

Now, conjugate them to fit into a simple sentence.

  1. I’m sleepy. [present tense]
  2. I was hungry. [past tense]
  3. I will be thirsty. [future tense]
  4. I’m so bored. [present tense/adjective]
  5. He was really happy. [past tense/adjective]
  6. I’m tired. [present tense]
  7. That’s exciting. [present tense]

Wherever you struggle to create a sentence is where you need to go review and practice more. Remember, the ultimate goal is fluency and believe it or not, if you can make simple sentences and understand what you’re saying, you’re halfway there.

The second half is listening skills. Listening involves comprehension as well, similarly to reading, but we’ll cover that later.

That’s it for today!


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