Grammar of the Week | Sample Conversations (Part 3??)


I really don’t know how many of these I’ve ever already but I knew I hadn’t done one in a while. So here goes!

But first, answers from last week’s activity!

  • 페인트 | “paint”
    • 페인트 계획 | “plan to paint”
  • 공부 | “study”  
    • 공부 계획 | “plan to study”

Pretty simple. Remember to add 계획 to the end of the verb to make it a “plan”.

I thought it would be fun to review a few things in a sample conversation format. Here are two different scenarios that focus on some very familiar topics.

Scenario #1

  • 사람 1: 안녕 마크! 요즘 어때?
    • Person 1: Hey Mark! What’s up?
  • 사람 2: 내가 이번 주말에 파티를 계획하고있어.
    • Persons 2: I’m planning a party this weekend.
  • 사람 1: 짱! 언제?
    • Person 1: Nice! When is it?
  • 사람 2: 아마 토요일에 오후 8시. 올 수 있어?
    • Persons 2: Probably Saturday at 8 pm. Will you be able to come?
  • 사람 1: 할 수 없어. 내 휴가를 갈거야.
    • Person 1: I can’t. I’m going on vacation.
  • 사람 2: 재밌게 놀아!
    • Person 2: Have fun!
  • 사람 1: 고마워!
    • Person 1: Thanks!

Scenario #2

  • 사람 1: 테이크 아웃을 주문하고있어.
    • Person 1: I’m ordering take-out.
  • 사람 2: 무엇을 주문?
    • Person 2: What are you ordering?
  • 사람 1: 덤플링
    • Person 1: Dumplings.
  • 사람 2: 오! 좀 싶어요!
    • Person 2: Oh! I want some!

So there you have it! Three random conversational situations.

Next week it’s back to the lessons!


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