Grammar of the Week | 계획 (Making Plans) [part 2]


Okay so this week’s lesson is going to be a review as promised. I really like this one because it’s pretty simple to grasp and it’s not too difficult. The Word of the Day will actually be words used in the examples this time.

Quick Review

계획 (gyehoeg) | “plan”

Since this word is technically future tense because you are talking about what your plans are, you have to conjugate your verbs to future tense as well. Same rules of conjugation apply (~ㄹ/을) must be added to the end of the verb.


  1. 나 오늘 수영계획. | “I plan to swim today.”
  2. 내가 다음주 파티 계획. | “I’m planning a party next week.”

Activity: Conjugate the following words to say, “plan to…”

  • 페인트 | “paint”
  • 공부 | “study”


  • 숙제 | “homework”

This one will have to be “I plan to do homework.” But how would you write that? Answers next week along with new Grammar lesson!


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