Make-Up Haul | Korean vs Non-Korean Cosmetics [video]

Ok so I know I have a lot of beauty vloggers and bloggers who follow TwentyThirdStation… (Heyyy!!!) I feel like I neglect you guys way too much with these posts. (미안하다!!!) I’m really trying hard to fix that.

Moving along... for those of you who love make-up like me, I would like to introduce you to another one of my favorite make-up gurus. I shared a post a few months back about another one of my faves. (She’s mostly on the V app) But if you don’t have the V app and looking for inspiration, there’s meejmuse! She’s an Aussie-Korean make-up vlogger and she’s pretty massively popular. I like watching her tutorials but I especially like her make-up hauls.

Particularly this one… 

I don’t get the chance to experiment much with make-up brands. I have to find what works for my face and doesn’t cause a breakout and then I kinda just stick with it until the time arises for me to try something new. But I love watching/reading posts on make-up hauls because they usually give me an idea of what brands to try. I will be honest, I never really thought to research Korean brands and then search through Sephora for them. But that is my new homework assignment!

(Any reason to go shopping in Sephora is a good reason.)


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