Weekend Kpop Update | Taeyeon “Why” Teaser, New Music Video + MONSTA X’s Shownu “InStyle” + Jiyoung Talks Life After KARA, Acting in Japan

So this weekend was a musical haven it seems. New music was dropping every hour and I have to say, I was truly unprepared. Though we knew we were only days away from Taeyeon’s new album that was day partly in California, USA, I didn’t realize how close the day was approaching. Three days ago her new song “Starlight” featuring DEAN was released and now we have a teaser for her upcoming song, “Why”.

The official release date is tomorrow at midnight!

Monsta X’s Shownu had a solo photoshoot with InStyle magazine. And apparently, it’s his first since his debut.

Fun fact: He was a backup dancer for Lee Hyori “Bad Girl”.

After KARA disbanded, many of the members went on to sign to other labels and work in acting, but one member in particular, Jiyoung, went into acting in Japan. In a recent interview, she talked about this decision to go all the way to Japan and what it’s like to act there. And it wasn’t easy.

Jiyoung held an interview for the upcoming movie ‘Kataomoi Spiral’ and shared, “I learned how to discipline myself in Japan. ‘Today, I won’t read the screenplay and sleep,’ ‘Today, I’ll skip out on class.’ I was tempted by those things, but I always made the decision. I was in a group until then, so I did experience loneliness. If I didn’t become stronger, I would fail. What I made the most effort for is Japanese.”

(source: allkpop)

She talked about the extra effort and caution she used when practicing conversations in Japanese. And it also helped that she had staff on hand to correct her when she made errors in her words.

One of the things she said in particular that stood out to me is that nobody asks her about KARA anymore instead they focus more on her acting now. And she’s only grateful they still pay attention to her.

“…they listened to me about my movie and promotions in Japan… I always want to receive love. A rookie award for film. I think it’s the best to receive an award after doing various work. I’d be happy if my acting was acknowledged.”

(source: allkpop)

Very happy for Jiyoung!




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