Grammar of the Week | 계획 (Making Plans)


This week, the Grammar of the Week is also the Word of the Day. This post won’t be as long as before but I am going to make this a two-part. So I’ll talk about what it means and how to use it this week and this next week we’ll do some examples and an activity.

Alright let’s get started!

계획 (gyehoeg) | “plan”

Why is this a Grammar of the Week? It looks pretty easy to me. 

Well, it’s because there’s a bit more to it than just the word. You actually have to add this to a verb and conjugate that verb to make this work in a sentence.


Since this word is technically future tense because you are talking about what your plans are, you have to conjugate your verbs to future tense as well. Same rules of conjugation apply  (~ㄹ/을) must be added to the end of the verb.


  • 쓰다 = to write
  • 쓰다 + ~ㄹ/을
    • Drop 다
    • ㄹ is added to the end of consonants and 을 is added to the end of vowels. Since 쓰 ends in a consonant, we will use the ending ㄹ.
  • 쓰 + ㄹ = 쓸

Now that we have conjugated the verb to future tense, we’re going to “make plans” with it.


  • 쓸 = write (future tense)
  • 쓸 + 계획 = 쓸 계획
    • “plans to write”

Ok, now that we have put into words what we’re planning to do, it’s time to put it in a sentence. Because we are talking about what we’re planning to do, we typically would say, “I have plans” and so we need to add 있다 to our sentence.


  • 나는 오늘 쓸 계획이 있어. | “I have plans to write today.”/ “I am going to write today.”

Just a note:

Remember, 이/가 are added to express the subject of a sentence and must be used here as well. 

So that’s it for today! 그것은 정말 쉽게, 맞지?

Next week we’ll do an activity.






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