Grammar of the Week | ㄹ/을 준비 [Are You Ready/I Am Ready] | Part 2 + 실례지만 (sillyejiman) | [Word of the Day]


So I’m doing this a bit backwards this time around. I’m starting with examples from last week’s Grammar lesson. It’ll be really short! I just want to make sure this is full covered before I move on to another topic.

Quick review:

  • ㄹ/을 준비(가 ) 됐다 | To be ready/preparation

This phrase creates the meaning, “ready to do” something or “ready to go” somewhere.

되다 can take on the meaning of something that has gone well. So when it’s used in this context, we are making the assumption that the preparation to “do something” like to eat or to leave went well which translates to “ready to go” or “ready to eat”.


  1. 난 집에 갈 준비가 됐어요. (nan jib-e gal junbiga dwaess-eoyo.) | “I’m ready to go home.”
  2. 점심을 갈 준비가 됐어요? (jeomsim-eul gal junbiga dwaess-eoyo?) | “Are you ready to go to lunch?”
  3. 너 갈 준비가 됐어요? (neo gal junbiga dwaess-eoyo ?) | “Are you ready to go?”

Ok so I think this gives you a pretty good idea of how to use this phrase. However, if you want more information on it, click here! More examples are included there as well.

You may have noticed my absence yesterday and it was intentional. I took the weekend off just so I could have some time to regroup. I’ve been so busy lately that I was burning out a bit. Took a day but now I’m back. There will be a post on Tuesday as well this week. And now to the WOTD!

The word today is something I made mention of in the Foreign Language Tip #7 post. I said I would cover it as a Grammar of the Week but it’s a super easy concept and the Grammar of the Week this week is going to focus on examples from last week’s lesson so I’m covering this as a WOTD instead.
실례지만 (sillyejiman) | “excuse me, but…”
To think of this, consider the ending, -jiman comes from another familiar term, “하지만(hajiman)” which is indicating an additional thought with whatever you’re saying. “난 이해하지만 (Nan ihaehajiman) I understand, but…” or “I arrived early, but…”. So when it is added, like this, to another word it gives the same meaning.

Really quick and easy right?

That’s it for today!


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