Grammar of the Week | ㄹ/을 준비 [Are You Ready/I Am Ready] | Part 1?


Okay so we’re kind of going to forgo a full length Word of the Day today only because I really want to focus solely on the Grammar lesson today. However, there will be review vocabulary words in this lesson.

This is actually a lot easier than it may look. It took me a few times looking over the lesson to actually get it before it clicked. But, this still may end up being a two part since I’m going to introduce the topic today.

  • ㄹ/을 준비(가 ) 됐다 | To be ready/preparation

You already know that ㄹ/을 is for conjugation of verbs. But where does the rest of the phrase come from?

준비 comes from the verb 준비하다 which means, “to prepare”. [Ok, slight WOTD entrance there. ]

Moving along…

This phrase creates the meaning, “ready to do” something or “ready to go” somewhere.


  • 갈 준비가 됐다 | to be ready to go

Personally, I have heard just “갈 준비” used to express being ready to go. But I think that may be short lingo (slang) and I don’t want to confuse you by saying it’s an alternative. 

  • 먹을 준비가 됐다 | to be ready to eat

But, why is 되다 conjugated for past tense if we’re talking about present/future tense?

되다 can take on the meaning of something that has gone well. So when it’s used in this context, we are making the assumption that the preparation to “do something” like to eat or to leave went well which translates to “ready to go” or “ready to eat”.

So let’s stop here. This can get a bit confusing and so I just want this to kind of marinate for a week. I’ll do some examples and review next week!




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