Wednesday Kpop Update | Black Pink, New YG Group + YG Addresses Black Pink Sister Group Rumors + VAV Comeback 4K Videos

Ok so this post is probably going to be super short. I have a million things to do today but I did not want to push off doing this post! Let’s just jump into it!

B2ST decided to prepare fans properly by releasing a Highlight audio video just in time for their comeback. (See what I did there? The album is called “Highlight” and it’s kinda a medley-highlight…? Okay I tried…)

Official release date July 4th!

Have you heard of Black Pink? I’m sure by now you’ve heard of YG’s new 4-member girl group. But if you haven’t… Black Pink consists of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. The official release and debut date is later in July. So we have a few more weeks before we’re officially introduced to them.

But why Black Pink? Apparently the opposite, “white pink” represents something pretty however, pretty isn’t everything. Thus, “Black Pink”. Sounds like they could be kinda punk-rock maybe? I’d like to hear their music. It’d be nice to have a different sound from a kpop group.

But is there a new girl group in the making?

After rumors began circulating about a sister group for the new girl group Black Pink, YG decided to address these concerns quickly!

“A representative of YG stated regarding earlier reports, “We have no such plans.” 
The rep continued, “Like most large companies, YG houses over 50 trainees currently working hard to debut, but nothing has been decided thus far on whether the trainees who were excluded from Black Pink will form a team by themselves, or form a completely new team with other trainees.” 
(source: allkpop)
This honestly doesn’t shock me as much as it did a lot of the fans. YG is huge on focusing on one project at a time. If they were gonna make another girl group, they would’ve made this into a combined project and hyped up this “sister-group” concept months ago.
Although, it would be nice for them to create two girl groups and fill the void in the kpop world that the now disbanded 4Minute and the new 3-member 2NE1 is surely to create.
Sorry guys. Gonna have to wait a few more years.

It’s summertime which means it’s debut and comeback season! Check out the new 4k video teasers for rookie group VAV!

불행해요 (bulhaenghaeyo) | [Word of the Day]


I couldn’t remember if I had posted this word before and so I decided to go ahead and post it again today. Hopefully it’s not a repeat.

불행해요 (bulhaenghaeyo) | “unhappy”


  • 내가 불행해요. (Naega bulhaenghaeyo.) | “I’m unhappy.”

That’s it for today!

Make-Up Haul | Korean vs Non-Korean Cosmetics [video]

Ok so I know I have a lot of beauty vloggers and bloggers who follow TwentyThirdStation… (Heyyy!!!) I feel like I neglect you guys way too much with these posts. (미안하다!!!) I’m really trying hard to fix that.

Moving along... for those of you who love make-up like me, I would like to introduce you to another one of my favorite make-up gurus. I shared a post a few months back about another one of my faves. (She’s mostly on the V app) But if you don’t have the V app and looking for inspiration, there’s meejmuse! She’s an Aussie-Korean make-up vlogger and she’s pretty massively popular. I like watching her tutorials but I especially like her make-up hauls.

Particularly this one… 

I don’t get the chance to experiment much with make-up brands. I have to find what works for my face and doesn’t cause a breakout and then I kinda just stick with it until the time arises for me to try something new. But I love watching/reading posts on make-up hauls because they usually give me an idea of what brands to try. I will be honest, I never really thought to research Korean brands and then search through Sephora for them. But that is my new homework assignment!

(Any reason to go shopping in Sephora is a good reason.)

맞지 (matji) [Word of the Day]


Alright so I used this in a sentence during one of my WOTD posts as a random thought at the end of the sentence and I was asked to explain it. Not in the comments or anything but I did hear I should start explaining when I use “slang” or common words like the above. So today will be a fun post!

맞지 (matji) | “Right” [Think: “Amirite?” or “Am I right?”]

맞지 comes from the verb, “맞다” which means “to be correct; to be right”. It’s conjugated to a more commonly heard phrase, “맞아” or “맞아요”, meaning “That’s right!”

지 or 지지 is actually something I learned not to long ago. Basically, it’s used for shortening words like 맞아 or for emphasis.

So that’s it! Really short and to the point!