Kpop Music Update | Taeyeon Comeback, Films Solo Videos in the US + Lee Hi’s Impromptu Acapella Performance, Audience Sings Along + YG’s “Who’s Next?” + Videos

Alright so with all the buzz from Monday’s news, I wasn’t sure if the kpop world could shock me at all again this week. But with Sulli randomly reappearing on Instagram, I.O.I’s fans being perverted by following them into the bathroom and taking pictures, the “banana diet(you don’t want to know but go ahead and click the link anyway) and Rap Monster revealing his singing voice… the kpop world surely didn’t disappoint.

Taeyeon has been very quiet since the release of her first solo album and now we all know why. She’s been secretly preparing for a new comeback… in the US???

In response to initial reports, SM Entertainment confirms that Taeyeon recently filmed her comeback music video in the U.S. It added that it will reveal the specific schedule for her comeback once everything is confirmed.

(source: soompi)

That was huge news that I’m sure a lot of us weren’t prepared for! No word on the official comeback date. However, she is going to performing live in Seoul for her solo concert “Butterfly Kiss”. Once that’s over, I think we might be getting more news.

How many times have you ever seen a live performance and out of nowhere the music stops? Or there’s some type of audio malfunction? And then when the malfunction happens, the artist just stops out of nowhere?

Well, that type of performer is not Lee Hi nor her fans! 

During her performance of her debut song, “1, 2, 3, 4” the background music just cut off. What her fans decided to do was fill in the rest so she could continue her performance!

Now THAT was amazing! And right on cue, the music comes back on and of course goes out again because of technical difficulties but who needs music with a crowd like that???

The show must go on!

And finally, YG almost broke the internet again with a “Who’s Next?” teaser. The picture shows a typewriter with the words “Who’s Next?” and “Very Soon”. My personal guess is 2NE1 but I’m usually wrong when it comes to YG’s teasers.

What should have been super exciting though is kinda irritating the folks over on naver. Apparently, they’re really sick of these “Who’s Next?” teasers.

2. [+643, -36] Am I the only one who hates these who’s next posters, I really wish they’d stop it

3. [+496, -24] What’s it matter if YG has a ton of artists when they all get 2 year hiatuses and barely have any comebacks

4. [+465, -29] Not even curious over these teasers anymore ㅋㅋㅋ

(source: netizenbuzz)

Those are just a few of the translated posts but you can see more at the link. I guess YG might want to make that grand reveal soon.


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