Foreign Language Tips #6 | Just Speak

Ask yourself, and answer honestly, how many words do you know in your native language? This includes adjectives, verbs, colors, numbers, etc.

How has this effected your fluency? 

We may know about 300-500 words on average in our respective native languages. But if English is your native language like it is mine, you should be aware that, excluding UK English, there are over 1000 additional words that you probably haven’t even heard of before.

And yet you still speak the language…

So what’s stopping you with Korean? You may not be learning the “right” words. Think about it, how likely are you to use the words in that Korean 101 book you just bought on a daily basis? Words like the names of countries or cities. I mean, unless you’re planning on traveling, you really don’t need that information right now. Think of the last pleasant conversation you had with someone, what words did you use? Whatever those words were, those are the words you need to learn.

Once you’ve learned these words Start Speaking. I think one of the easiest ways to start introducing a new language into your speech is by replacing words. For example, “I’m going to the store” becomes, “나 going to 가게” which will eventually become “나는 가게에 가는”.

It’ll sound weird at first but it’ll get you comfortable with using the language on a daily basis.

So remember,  learn the right words and speak the words you know.


4 thoughts on “Foreign Language Tips #6 | Just Speak”

  1. This is spot on for me! My language exchange partner told me I had good Korean and must already try speaking with her in Korean and I replied 나중에… 나 아직 자신 없어 ㅋㅋ


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    1. Hahaha!! Your partner is right! Just try it! I think for a lot of people there’s a huge feeling of not necessarily being ready to try to speak but the truth is you’re never really gonna be ready. But if you try it, at least you know what you need to work on.

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