Monday Update | YG Ent. New Girl Group, Two Confirmed +”Produce 101″ Trainees Dropping Lawsuit + Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho Confirmed New SBS Drama

Ok so today has been really really busy!! If you don’t believe me, head over to to see more links of kpop/k-drama news. I couldn’t post it all here but I’ll talk about as much as I can.

RAIN’S “La Song” has made it back on the Chinese charts after two long years since its release. G-Friend’s Sin B has somehow managed to get into a world of trouble of an old photo that has begun circulating of her. Apparently, she’s flipping off the camera. Netz are saying that this is her alleged, “true nature”. (And I’m rolling my eyes.) 

BIGBANG fans are calling for a boycott! They believe that, due to mismanagement of their recent activities, if they boycott their 2016 Soul Concert Live DVD it’ll send a message to their agency and hopefully changes will come with management and treatment. There list of grievances include, a busy schedule, lack of concern for the members health and a “lack of consideration over their image online or safety“.

I’m not sure how this will all turn out considering YG just announced that not only is there a potential comeback in the works, they’re also working on a new girl group!

“According to reports, the girl group will be produced by Teddy, and start revealing one member per week starting this week…. Yang Hyun Suk said they’ve practiced for a long time, so their skills are guaranteed. I trained them like they were my elite troops. They won’t really feel like the second 2NE1 because they have a different aura. I am a little nervous because they’re the first girl group in 7 years, but I’m also confident.”

(source: koreaboo)

So far, there are already two confirmed members to this new group, Kim Jisoo And Jennie Kim. The names may sound familiar as this has not only been circulating for a while that they may or may not be involved with this project and after a failed debut, it wasn’t looking possible, but now it looks the ladies will get their day in the sun/time to shine!

Produce 101 Trainees Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun made major headlines when they announced they would be filing a lawsuit against their agency SS Entertainment to terminate their exclusive contracts. They felt that the contracts were too extensive and they didn’t receive everything they were promised.

Well now, that lawsuit has been dropped.

“…[Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun]  have dropped their lawsuit against their agency regarding their contract after having reached a mutual agreement… The two girls’ representative and lawyer revealed on May 25th that the agency has agreed to terminate the girls’ contract without any additional conditions during a meeting just the day prior. 

(source: koreaboo)

The statement released after this news broke by their representative went on to say that the two were apologetic to fans for “worrying them”.

Crisis averted?

And then there was k-drama news!!

It seems as though the kpop world has enough drama in it to keep your attention diverted from scripted dramas. (Because sometimes, life is far more entertaining than fiction) 

Enter: Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho

The two have been officially confirmed for a new SBS drama that will be written by the same writers from the ever popular drama, “My Love From The Stars”. The drama was so popular that it has received international praise with an American adaptation in the works. With that type of credibility following these writers and with the caliber of acting ability that Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho both possess, this drama may very will be another smash hit for everyone involved.

“The drama, with the working title “Legend of the Blue Sea,” will star Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, airing on SBS, Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting in November. It is slated to premiere after the end of “Incarnation of Envy.” The drama is a fantasy romance, taking its motif from the mermaid/merman story in Korea’s first historical (romance) storybook. In the Joseon-era storybook, it is recorded that real-life figure Kim Dam Nyeong returned mermaids/mermen that were caught fisherman back to the sea.”

(source: soompi)

And now that the rumors have been cleared and the two have been named official leads, it looks like it’s already picking up steam internationally. Chinese broadcasting companies are already looking to find someway to air the drama as well.

I’m so ready for this one! 


고요한 (goyohan) [Word of the Day]


I had a vacation today. A mini-vacation, but still it was enough for me to consider it a break. I had the day off of work and I spent the whole day relaxing! Which made me think that maybe today’s word should be somehow in relation to how I felt today…

고요한 (goyohan) | “calm; peaceful; serene”


  • 그것은 여기 아름답다. 정말 고요한. (geugeos-eun yeogi aleumdabda. jeongmal goyohan.) | “It’s beautiful here. So calm.”


Have you used this word recently in a conversation?

That’s it for today!

Weekend Music Video | Jessica ft. Fabolous “Fly” + XIA “Rock The World” + Beenzino “Life In Color” + Lay “Monodrama” + Teaser: Chae Kyoung and Kim Chae Won “Clock

I was going to do a Weekend Kpop Update, however, I need a break from all the kpop news today. It’s a beautiful day and I kinda just want to listen to music so with that being said, I’ve compiled some videos that came over over the weekend!

See ya tomorrow for the Monday Kpop Update!



First Look Teaser!! (audio)

Grammar of the Week | 았/었으면 좋겠다 (I hope/I Wish) pt 2. + 하루 (haru) [Word of the Day]


This is the post that almost never was because I was about to move on to a completely different topic!! I forgot I was going to do examples this week. 미안해!!

Let’s start with the Word of the Day!

하루 (haru) | “a day”

It’s pretty straight forward this time.

Now for review!

By using “~았/었으면 좋겠다”. When you attach this to the end of a verb or adjective, the meaning becomes “I hope” or “I wish”.

For example:

  • Verb: 얻다 (eotda) | “to get; to receive”
  • Sentence: 차가 얻으면 좋겠어요. (chaga eod-eumyeon johgess-eoyo.) | “I hope to get a car.”

Ok so let’s look at some more examples of this.

  • 사전에 말해 줬어 좋겠어요. | “I wish you told me that in advance.”
  • 그것은 맑은 내일 좋겠어요. | “I hope it’s sunny tomorrow.”

Again, you may notice a mixture of past tense (면) and future tense (겠어요) in the examples. Regardless of the mixture, it’s still expressing the same thought of “hoping” or “wishing”. The idea is that the speaker, despite their current situation, is hoping for the situation to happen or wishing that it had happened.

I hope this topic makes a little bit more sense now.

Next week, we will move on to a new topic!