Kpop Music Update | INFINITE’s Woohyun Solo Debut Teaser +JYP Entertainment Hologram Concert Announcement + Cube Boy Group “PENTAGON” and Possibly Jino Included + New Music Videos

Ok so this week in kpop news, there’s been so much happening that it literally was taking me forever to narrow down what was something I wanted to highlight. A lot of stuff got put on so let’s talk about these stories!

INFINITE’s Woohyun is taking the internet by storm and by finally making that long-awaited solo debut with the new song, “Write”. Many fans are jumping for joy because this has truly been the moment they’ve been waiting on.

It’s been confirmed that the official debut will be on May 9th.

JYP also made a big announcement when they dropped the news that they will be having a Hologram Concert featuring Wonder Girls, GOT7, and 2PM. I was a bit confused at first about this concert and how they would do this… and then I remembered, this technology is nothing new. (There’s a huge J-pop star who just so happens to be a hologram.)

“On April 26, JYP shared information about their upcoming JYP Nation concert via Twitter. However, instead of holding a live concert over a weekend or two, the entertainment giant has opted to hold a hologram concert instead. By using the hologram technology, the concert is able to have an open run, making it more accessible to fans whose schedules are not easily accommodated.”

(source: soompi)

This event will be held at the hologram theatre at K-Live in Seoul.

I know by now you’ve heard a lot about the new boy band, PENTAGON that CUBE Ent is producing right? Well, even though a lot has been said about them we don’t exactly know who they are. That’ll change on May 2nd with the new reality show airing “Pentagon Maker” which will not only announce the members but also show off their skills. They’ll be showcasing singing and rap, dance, teamwork, talent (which could be anything), and character individually and in units.

But maybe one member may have already been revealed…

We already know that former SM Trainee Jino has been with CUBE Ent but now it’s being rumored that he may be joining the new group.

“Jino debuted as a member of SM Entertainment’s project group SM the Ballad in 2010, although he only participated in promotions for the first mini album “Miss You.” He then returned to civilian life, having given up on being a trainee until he was approached by Cube Entertainment. Now he is set to debut in the agency’s new boy group Pentagon.”

(source: soompi)

Nothing is confirmed yet but we’ll see on May 2nd!


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