Wednesday Kpop Update | AOA and EXID Planned Comebacks this Summer + BEAST’s Yong Junhyung Self-Produced Single + Jellyfish New Girl Group Rumors Clarified + New Music Videos

Alright so we’re back with another edition of the Wednesday Kpop Update. Not gonna lie, this is actually my second favorite post of the week.

Let’s start with the comeback news of AOA and EXID. Though it was a solid rumor all through March about their comebacks in the summer, it’s now official and the dates are coming. AOA will kick it off first in May and EXID will follow in June!

AOA’s agency FNC has stated that they are still trying to set the specific date but it should be some time in May or June. And EXID’s agency Banana Culture has said officially that their comeback will be the first week of June.

This is great news for both groups! Can’t wait to hear their new music.

BEAST’s Yong Junhyung has decided to self-produce a new song. The news of this comes shortly after announcing that he will no longer be a member of BEAST. But when we will hear this solo music?

According to Cube Entertainment’s statement, it might not be too soon.

“It is true that Yong Junhyung is preparing for the release of a self-produced project song, but the release date has yet to be decided. We are still negotiating.” 

(source: soompi)

There will also be no promotion for the single and it’ll only be released online. Really?? 

Jellyfish Entertainment got caught in the swirling rumors about a new girl group that will have trainees Kim Sejung and Kang Mina from Produce 101. But Jellyfish says, while the girl group is true, the line-up isn’t for certain just yet.

In an official statement they said:

“It’s been years since we launched preparations for the girl group. ‘Produce 101′ contestants Kim Sejung, Kang Mina, and Kim Nayoung are just some of our many trainees. The girl group’s debut schedule and member line-up have all yet to be decided,” 

(source: soompi)

Well now I’m just curious about who will be in this group and when will they debut…


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