Weekend Kpop Update | I.O.I New Reality Show + Eric Nam Leaves “After School Club” + Vietnamese Singer Dương Hiếu Nghĩa Accused of Plagiarizing Kyuhyun’s MV

I was going through the news over the weekend and aside from some comeback news, (that I’ll share with you guys on Wednesday), not much really happened until today.

Starting with I.O.I. Even though fans still hate the name, it’s sticking now, so much so that they’re getting their own reality show. And they start filming soon!

“All 11 members of I.O.I… moved into their shared dorms on April 11. They all made the move so that they could start filming their new reality show, which aims to document their lives as they gear up for their debut. The show is expected to air in May.”

(source: soompi)

With their official mini-album debut May 4th and a showcase on the 5th, I can imagine this show will be close to a “behind the scenes” look.

I wonder what channel it’ll air on?

Eric Nam made a shocking announcement when he announced that he will no longer be MCing TVN’s English talk show, “After School Club”. This news may have come as a surprise to many viewers but I wasn’t really shocked. I was actually expecting this day to come. And after the official statement, my reasoning wasn’t too far off.

But even though he’s leaving the show, he will still be making appearances on tv. Maybe not “After School Club” but you will be seeing him again very soon…

Hosting #SNL Korea this week! #SNLKOREA

A post shared by 에릭남 Eric Nam (@realericnam) on

Vietnamese singer Dương Hiếu Nghĩa is in a lot of hot water from netizens after the release of his new music video “Đêm Không Còn Em”. Apparently, netz think it looks way too much like Kyuhyun’s music video for “A Million Pieces”.

What do you think? Is it plagiarism?



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