“9 Tips for Learning Korean (KWOW #200)” [Video]


어떻게 말합니까? (eotteohge malhabnikka?)


So to end the week, I have chosen a phrase! I’ll tell you the backstory first. I was doing my memrise practice and it asked me to spell “finger” in Korean. I forgot how to say the word and therefore I couldn’t spell it. And I remember the question popped in my head, “How do I say this?” Well, maybe one day you’ll have a conversation and want to ask…

어떻게 말합니까? (eotteohge malhabnikka?) | “How do I say (this)?”

I purposely left off the “in Korean” part because, you’re asking in Korean so obviously you want to know how to say it in Korean, that just always seemed redundant to me.

So let’s say you can to ask, “How I say “car” in Korean?”. You’d ask:

“Car” 어떻게 말합니까? (“car” eotteohge malhabnikka?)

Of course this does seem pretty basic, however, it is necessary so get to know this phrase. You never know when you’ll be in the middle of a conversation and forget how to say a word.

See you next week!


“How Do You Say This in Korean?”| Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions | [Language Tips #2]

Quick Note Unrelated to Post:

Alright so we have reached the 2nd official week of my new blog schedule and I have to say, I’m totally in love with it! The new design on 23rd is amazing and now the new schedule is perfect! We’re slowly but surely getting this blog to where I want it to be and hopefully in this change, it becomes more useful to each of you and readership grows.

Now, I don’t know if those of you following this new series also follow the WOTD series but if you do, you may recognize the title of this post, “How do you say this in Korean?”. Why is it being highlighted here again? Because, it’s relevant to asking questions.

You may be surprised but the average person will not ask questions for fear of looking “dumb”, or “confused”, or the fear of being laughed at or picked on. They just want to look like they have it all together. I guarantee you as a foreigner learning a new language, native speakers are just really happy that you’re trying and they genuinely want to help you when you need it, but they can’t if you don’t ask.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions!

One of the biggest mistakes we all make in learning a new language is becoming too afraid to ask questions. We base this off the months or years we’ve been learning the language and we feel as if we should just know by now. However, months and years shouldn’t be used as a measure in your journey. It’s just putting way too much pressure on you! Take some of that pressure off! Yes, some or most of the grammar rules and vocabulary you probably know by now but there still may be things you don’t fully understand yet. Chances are, as you are reading this, you’re probably already thinking of a word or phrase that you are struggling with. And you may be in a position to ask someone who speaks the language how to use/say the word or phrase, but you’re too afraid or nervous for some reason.

Don’t let fear or nerves stop you from asking.

It’s okay to ask someone “how do I say (x)”, “did I say (x) correctly”, “am I using this word wrong”, or “how do I phrase this sentence” or even asking, “what does (x) mean”. Even if you have to write it down for them to see what you’re talking about, do it anyway! If they’re willing to help you, then take them up on their offer. A native speaker helping you learn is the best gift you’ll ever receive in learning a new language.

So remember, learn how to ask questions in the language you’re learning and actually ask the questions. Don’t be afraid.

When in doubt, ask!

Kpop Music Update | INFINITE’s Woohyun Solo Debut Teaser +JYP Entertainment Hologram Concert Announcement + Cube Boy Group “PENTAGON” and Possibly Jino Included + New Music Videos

Ok so this week in kpop news, there’s been so much happening that it literally was taking me forever to narrow down what was something I wanted to highlight. A lot of stuff got put on twentythirdstation.tumblr.com so let’s talk about these stories!

INFINITE’s Woohyun is taking the internet by storm and by finally making that long-awaited solo debut with the new song, “Write”. Many fans are jumping for joy because this has truly been the moment they’ve been waiting on.

It’s been confirmed that the official debut will be on May 9th.

JYP also made a big announcement when they dropped the news that they will be having a Hologram Concert featuring Wonder Girls, GOT7, and 2PM. I was a bit confused at first about this concert and how they would do this… and then I remembered, this technology is nothing new. (There’s a huge J-pop star who just so happens to be a hologram.)

“On April 26, JYP shared information about their upcoming JYP Nation concert via Twitter. However, instead of holding a live concert over a weekend or two, the entertainment giant has opted to hold a hologram concert instead. By using the hologram technology, the concert is able to have an open run, making it more accessible to fans whose schedules are not easily accommodated.”

(source: soompi)

This event will be held at the hologram theatre at K-Live in Seoul.

I know by now you’ve heard a lot about the new boy band, PENTAGON that CUBE Ent is producing right? Well, even though a lot has been said about them we don’t exactly know who they are. That’ll change on May 2nd with the new reality show airing “Pentagon Maker” which will not only announce the members but also show off their skills. They’ll be showcasing singing and rap, dance, teamwork, talent (which could be anything), and character individually and in units.

But maybe one member may have already been revealed…

We already know that former SM Trainee Jino has been with CUBE Ent but now it’s being rumored that he may be joining the new group.

“Jino debuted as a member of SM Entertainment’s project group SM the Ballad in 2010, although he only participated in promotions for the first mini album “Miss You.” He then returned to civilian life, having given up on being a trainee until he was approached by Cube Entertainment. Now he is set to debut in the agency’s new boy group Pentagon.”

(source: soompi)

Nothing is confirmed yet but we’ll see on May 2nd!