Kpop Music Update | History Comeback Teaser + Wonder Girls Comeback Date Questionable + Day6 “Letting Go” + Jun Hyo Seong “Find Me” + SG Wannabe”By My Side”

This post is ever changing and becoming kinda like an MTV of kpop posts. I really like the Wednesday posts more than my “gossip column/rumor mill addressing” post of a Kpop Update. But, no long speech, let’s get to it!

The official comeback date from HISTORY is getting closer and closer! The official date is April 11th and honestly, I can’t wait!

“According to their agency, “HIM” will showcase a more masculine side of the five members through both music and visuals. In the black-and-white teaser shot, the members are groomed to perfection in sleek suits, owning the modern city man look while posing for the camera.”

(source: soompi)

Check out their new teasers they posted to SNS.

Fans were delighted to hear about the revival of Wonder Girls. With the new look and sound after the loss of two members, we were thrilled to see them starting over. But now, we’re all starting to wonder when we’ll ever see them again. JYP says, it’s still up in the air.

“As a response to these rumors, JYP stated to another news outlet, “Nothing has been confirmed regarding the comeback schedule or album format. The members are all working hard to prepare for their comeback,” suggesting that it’s too early to start counting days.”

(source: soompi)

So apparently there will be a comeback… but again the date is still questionable. I guess we’ll know when JYP starts releasing teaser videos again.






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