“Signal” | tvN’s Newest Crime Drama

I usually find crime/mystery shows intriguing. I’m not huge fan of sappy love stories which is why I haven’t been able to land on another drama that really stuck with me after “Hello Monster” ended. However, “Signal” is one that’ll probably stay with you for a while.

Viewers of the show have been noting how realistic the show seems and wondered if it could potentially be based on actual events. They couldn’t be closer to the truth. The show features a child kidnapping-murder case, a serial killer case, and even a middle/high school gang rape case… and all of these are based on actual crimes that took place between the 80’s – early 2000’s. These cases made national news at the time in Korea and even now still haunt people who remember them.

For example, the child-kidnapping case:

“…The methods and motives of the kidnappers in the episode are based on an incident that happened in 1997 called the “Park Chorong Bitnari Kidnapping-Murder Case… Park’s kidnapped had requested ransom for the child’s life, then proceeded to murder Park in cold blood. The shocking aspect of the crime was that the kidnapper turned out to be a woman who was 8 months pregnant. The crime left the nation in shock and mourning for Park’s death.”

(source: koreaherald)

When I read that, my blood literally went cold. I’ve heard of horrendous crimes, but this one really disturbed me for various reasons. The other cases, which you can read about in the article linked above, are just as equally disturbing.

It’s a dangerous world out there but I’m not sure I’ll be willing to take the dive to watch this one just yet. However, if you’re into these shows and looking for a new drama, this might be one for you. It reminds me a bit of “Criminal Minds”, an American show that followed a special crime unit within the FBI that worked to catch serial killers, rapists, bombers, etc. before they struck again. I often wondered if that show was also based on actual cases.

But after reading this about “Signal”, I’m not sure I even want to know anymore.


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