Hangzoo (행주) [Artist of the Week]

 I’ve decided to use Spotify more for Artist of the Week so if you’re following me on SoundCloud, be sure to also follow TwentyThirdStation’s spotify as well as there will be playlists and music updates there too.

Unfortunately, you do need to have a Spotify account to listen to the music.

Instead of the usual Weekly Kpop Video update post today, I’ve decided to finally do a new Artist of the Week!

I believe I made him the Artist of the Week before or tried to at one time and I just didn’t have enough songs to make a playlist for him. So now I’m going to re-do this post. If you haven’t heard of him before, today’s the day for exposure to him. As 1/3rd of the underground trio Rhythm Power, he’s been releasing his own solo music for a little while now. One of his more recent solo songs, “BestDriver”, has been receiving a lot of views on YouTube. (Probably because it’s amazing.)

Check out his playlist below to hear more music from him!



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