Kpop Music Update | History Comeback Teaser + Wonder Girls Comeback Date Questionable + Day6 “Letting Go” + Jun Hyo Seong “Find Me” + SG Wannabe”By My Side”

This post is ever changing and becoming kinda like an MTV of kpop posts. I really like the Wednesday posts more than my “gossip column/rumor mill addressing” post of a Kpop Update. But, no long speech, let’s get to it!

The official comeback date from HISTORY is getting closer and closer! The official date is April 11th and honestly, I can’t wait!

“According to their agency, “HIM” will showcase a more masculine side of the five members through both music and visuals. In the black-and-white teaser shot, the members are groomed to perfection in sleek suits, owning the modern city man look while posing for the camera.”

(source: soompi)

Check out their new teasers they posted to SNS.

Fans were delighted to hear about the revival of Wonder Girls. With the new look and sound after the loss of two members, we were thrilled to see them starting over. But now, we’re all starting to wonder when we’ll ever see them again. JYP says, it’s still up in the air.

“As a response to these rumors, JYP stated to another news outlet, “Nothing has been confirmed regarding the comeback schedule or album format. The members are all working hard to prepare for their comeback,” suggesting that it’s too early to start counting days.”

(source: soompi)

So apparently there will be a comeback… but again the date is still questionable. I guess we’ll know when JYP starts releasing teaser videos again.





졸리다 (jollida) | [Word of the Day] | Word Application


I remember telling you guys on Monday that this week would be descriptive adjectives but today I’m using a word that in some ways “pretends” to be an adjective but it’s actually a verb. I say it pretends to be an adjective because it does describe your current state of mind but it is still an action.

졸리다 (jollida) [v] |”to feel sleepy; to get drowsy”


  • 오늘 수업 시간에 졸리는데. (oneul sueob sigan-e jollineunde.) | “I felt sleepy in class today.” (s/n: I’m not 100% confident with my usage of the word here.)
  • 비 때문에, 나는 졸려한 느낌. (bi ttaemun-e, naneun jollyeohan neukkim.) | “Because of the rain, I feel drowsy.”

I’m not going to put in parenthesis which grammar lesson these are from. I think by now you probably have an idea since I’m being pretty repetitive. But this is only because I know you will be more likely to use these principles on a regular basis.

That’s it for today!

Monday Kpop Update | VIXX Comeback Concept + EXO’s K-FRIENDS Concert Organizers Upset Fans + Luhan Solo Concert

This post may be a bit later than usual today only because I was super late writing it. Earlier today I had decided not to do a kpop update but then I saw I haven’t really done one in a while and so here it is.

VIXX released a new teaser as they prepare for the comeback. The concept and theme has fans excited as they get ready to experience something new and seriously I can’t wait. This just looks like it’ll be better than their last one and honestly I didn’t think they could top that one but I think they just did with this teaser.


EXO fans are thoroughly upset with concert organizers in Shanghai. It seems that these organizers still have yet to learn their lesson from the last time! This incident seems similar to before. Fans were promised one thing and got something entirely different.

“… The organizers who hosted the concert advertised EXO’s K-FRIENDS Shanghai concert would be held on March 27, for three hours from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (local time). All EXO members were to be present, with a total of 10 songs and other events planned for the concert… However, unlike what was advertised, EXO’s Lay was unable to attend due a schedule conflict with movie filming, and instead of 10 songs, they only performed five. The concert ended before 9 p.m. (local time), igniting a heated response from fans who attended, asking for refunds.”

(source: soompi)

And apparently, it gets worse. Not only did fans rush to buy tickets after hearing of this for the promotions, but ticket prices ended up shooting up to “4000-6000 yuan (approximately $600-$900), with front row seats reaching 10,000 yuan (approximately $1,500)”. That’s around the same amount it would cost to go see Hamilton live. (Yes, I’m a Hamilton fan… a huge one!) 

The fans were told to prepare items and gifts like full-length mirrors, clothes hangers, etc. for backstage use and then this happens. But apparently the organizers said, they were tricked too! I won’t post the whole statement they released, you can see it at soompi if you click the link.

“…We advertised the information word for word as we received it. We removed Lay from the performers list after later learning about his inability to attend. We will release more concrete details regarding refunds for tickets at a later time.”

(source: soompi)

At this moment, I don’t know what to believe. I won’t tell you what to believe but I do think it’s more to this story than they’re letting on in that statement.

In lighter news, Luhan performed live for his very first concert in Beijing solo. It’s a pretty big deal to see an idol do something like this especially after everything he’s been through. But congrats to him!



목마르다 ‎(mongmareuda) [Word of the Day]


Ok so today’s word is an adjective and it’s a new word. Because it’s new, I won’t be doing the Word Application. I don’t think I covered this one before so I’m excited about it. We know how to say, “I’m hungry.” (배고파요) or (배고파). But what happens when you’re… thirsty?

목마르다 ‎(mongmareuda) [adj] | “to be thirsty”


  • 나 목말라. (na mogmalla.) | “I’m thirsty.”
  • 개는 목말라. 그는 물을 필요로해. (gaeneun mogmalla. geuneun mul-eul pil-yolohae.) | “The dog is thirsty. He needs water.”

Alright so that’s it for today.