Grammar of the Week | Adding Numbers to Sentences pt. 2 + 그렇지 (geureoji) [Word of the Day]


Let’s start with the WOTD! You’re probably very familiar with this word. It’s one I heard a lot when I first started recognizing words in Korean and though I covered this a bit in the past with the word, 그래, 그래서 and 그래요, I think I left this word out.

그렇지 (geureoji) [exclamation] | “right; really”

Ok so last week we talked a bit about adding numbers to sentences. An example of this would be, “6 개월/달 동안 | for six months”. We also talked about which was the proper word if you were to speak in “months”.

Let’s recap!

동안 (dong-an) | “for”

So, how would you add this in a sentence?

6 개월/달 동안 (6 gaewol/dal dong-an) | “for 6 months”

You may be wondering why I used both 개월 and 달. That’s because, it doesn’t matter which one you use. If you use 개월, you must use Sino-Korean numbers and if you use 달 you must use Native Korean numbers.

Remember that there’s no need to use a location particle for this as you aren’t exactly talking about going to a location or a specific location. When using 동안 you’re discussing a length of time, not going anywhere.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • 15분 동안 | for 15 minutes
  • 7시간 동안 | for 7 hours
  • 5일 동안 | for 5 days
  • 3 주 동안 | for 3 weeks
  • 6 개월/달 동안 | for 6 months
  • 10 년 동안 | for 10 years

I used all numerical numbers in these examples just to kinda show how the word 동안 can be used. However, if you were writing this for a specific purpose, remember to follow the rules of when to use written or numerical numbers. If the word is used with a counter then it would written in Native Korean (Pure Korean) numbers. But if Sino-Korean is acceptable in the sentence you using, then it doesn’t matter.

More examples:

  • 40분 동안 댄스했어. | “I danced for 40 minutes.”
  • 오일 동안 공부했어. | “I studied for 5 days.”

Alright so that’s it. It’s pretty straight forward. I think next week we’ll move on to a new topic.


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