Monday Kpop Update | WINNER Discuss Hiatus in Interview + Mino Talks About “Shedding YG Image” + NOM Disbands After Two Years + New Music Video Releases

Alright so a lot of this actually took place over the weekend. So much happened! Let’s get started, first thing, AOA’s sub-unit Cream released a teaser for their upcoming debut.

Ice “Cream” anyone?

And of course we can’t forget that MAMAMOO is also getting ready for their comeback! They released a teaser for Melting which is due for release on Feb. 26th.

And speaking of comebacks, WINNER finally re-emerged with three new songs, “Baby Baby”, “Sentimental”, and “I’m Young”. And of course with the new comeback, there were plenty of questions. They sat down for an interview at a cafe in Seoul for their new album EXIT:E and really expressed for the first time just exactly how the delay made they feel.

There was a burden we felt because thankfully, our debut album did better than we expected. Our title track was called ‘Empty,’ and we really felt empty…  It was difficult for us but as hard as it was, it was also a time for us to grow and get a firmer grasp on the direction of our music… It was a hard time but we’re grateful. Thanks to those experiences…”

(source: allkpop)

Of course, during that hiatus, they toured, traveled and Mino participated in Show Me The Money.

Speaking of Mino, while on Show Me The Money, he said in a verse that he wanted to “shed the YG label”. And now he’s finally giving us some closure on what he meant. And I’ll just say, it’s not what you think, he’s not leaving YG.

“I wrote that line to express my ambition and determination,” he said. “But it’s not about quitting my contract. It was about the thought that I should try things on my own strength instead of my agency’s.”

(source: soompi)

I’m actually glad he clarified this. Even though I had a feeling that he wasn’t trying to slyly announce he was leaving, I still just wanted to hear his thoughts on it.

WINNER’s album EXIT:E is out now!


There is really no way to say this gently but… NOM has officiall disbanded.

After two years of being signed to JM Star Entertainment, they announced that they were done.

“Hello. This is JM Star. Though it’s been awhile, we feel sorry that we bring this news about NOM. As of today, NOM has officially stopped activities with the members going forward into their own path. We appreciate NEYB cheering and loving NOM. Because of the fans, NOM was able to come this far. Though they are no longer active as NOM, A-IN, Yohan, and K are getting ready to stand in front of fans again with a new look, we ask that you give them your love and support. Thank you for your interest.”

(source: koreaboo)

And while the news of this is hitting fans pretty hard, JM Star has another group in the wings waiting to debut, 7Stone. Of course, this news came after the announcement of NOM’s disbandment so it was pretty much a shocker to everyone. But at least we know three of the members already, A-IN, Yohan, and K.

And now for some new music!



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