Grammar of the Week | Conversations in Korean pt. 3 (???)


I’ve done a post or two like this in the past where I showed you ways to start a conversation, ways to express how you were feeling but I’m not sure if I’ve done a post where you talk about your day.

So today, we’re taking a break from the Grammar lessons and combining what we’ve gone over so far. This post is a bit of an extension to the ~서 Connecting Sentences series. It was 5 Parts, so let’s see it in action!

Scenario 1 | Going to the Movies: Ha-na and Mi-young

Ha-na | 안녕! 주말은 어땠어요? (“Hey! How was your weekend?”)

Mi-young | 내 주말 재미 있었. 몇몇 친구들 만났어 영화를보고. (“My weekend was fun! I met some friends and went to see a movie.”)

Ha-na | 오 그래, 뭐 영화? (“Oh really, What movie?”)

Mi-young | 그 새로운 액션 영화. 너 어때요? (“It was that new action movie. How about you?”)

Ha-na | 공원 갔어 책을 읽을. (“I went to the park and read a book.”)

Mi-young | 그 좋은했다. (“That was good.”)

Ha-na | 네 (“Yes” or just agreeance)


Scenario 2 | Asking Out a Friend: Tae-jin and Min-hyuk

Tae-jin | “어떻게 있어?” (How are you?)

Min-hyuk | 오 헤이!  난 괜찮아. 어떻게 지내세요? (“Oh hey! Everything is going well. How are you?”)

Tae-jin | 좋아! 몇몇 친구들 오늘 밤에 외출. 가고 싶어? (“Good! Some friends and I are going out tonight, do you want to go?”)

Min-hyuk | 미안해 바빠서 못 가요. (“Sorry, I’m today so I can’t go.”)

Tae-jin | 다음번엔. (“Next time”)

Scenario 3 | Planning a Dinner Party: Yu-na and Ha-na

Yu-na | 모든 것이 계획에 따라서 진행 있어? (“Is everything going according to the plan?”)

Ha-na | 아니, 나는 날짜를 변경해야. (“No, I need to change the date.”)

Yu-na | 왜 (“Why?”)

Ha-na | 늦게 일해야. (“I have to work late.”)

In all 3 scenarios, we combined the posts that we’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Did you notice how they can be used in practical ways? Can you think of some other ways to use this?

Note:: These are just sample scenarios, conversations, and sentences. However, they are structured in a way to give you an idea of how to use key Grammar points and phrases in practical ways.



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