Weekend Kpop Update | Actress Ji Ha Yoon Taking Action Against Stalker + Unauthorized SNSD Calendar Photoshops Pictures + WINNER “EXIT”Individual Teaser Taehyun + CNBLUE and CROSS GENE Comeback

This weekend was a really exciting one! For starters, congrats Gary for winning #1 on SBS’ Inkigayo. From what I understand, he never did promote for his new single so that’s pretty cool.

I would post a video… but he didn’t perform. So if you haven’t heard the song or seen the video, check it out below!

JYP also received an award. He was awarded “Most Influential Producer” at 2015 Weibo Awards!


And then there was the news about Actress Park Jin Young. She’s been stalked for a while relentlessly by a man who has posted personal information about her and even showed up to her home. Now, she’s taking action.

Young posted the stalker’s photos, name, age, and captures of the messages sent to her and she uploaded them on her instagram account.

It’s become too much that I’m going to report him. I’ve tried warning and ignoring him countless times and he said he will stop; but his stalking only got worse. I’ll show him that I’m not just using words as a warning. I upload this so that he will see it.”

(source: allkpop)

Fans have been wondering just how bad was his torment to make her go to this extreme and even going so far to criticize her for taking such action due to her popularity, or lack thereof according to them.

Personally, I’m glad she’s taking action but I do also hope she’s able to get some type of help from the police as far as protection for herself. Nobody how popular (or not popular) you are, stalking is very scary and very dangerous. It doesn’t just affect the person being stalked, it affects their families as well.

Good for her!


I found this story on koreaboo and thought it was absolutely insane! Apparently, an unauthorized calendar for Girls’ Generation was on sale and they manufacturers decided to use old pictures of SNSD, but they photoshopped Jessica out of them whenever they could… in very obvious ways.

And according to the tweet, that wasn’t the only noticeable change they made. Some months were left on touched but others were just obvious that they were trying to compensate for Jessica no longer being in the group.

Personally, don’t they think it would’ve made more sense to just leave it alone until they could get current pictures?


And then the comeback news! These are just a few of the exciting teasers released over the weekend!



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