Wednesday Kpop Update | DSP Media Responds to KARA Rumors of Disbanding and Solo Ventures + Seohyun Joins “Moon Lovers” Cast + Suzy and Baekhyun “Dream” [video]

Ok so a lot happened today and yesterday. More than I imagined would happen so let’s get started!

SM Entertainment won their lawsuit against Tao claiming that he owed them money and he failed to pay it. They later responded to this win and so did Tao. Tao’s team responded by saying in short, SM Entertainment’s statement “did not coincide with the truth”. (basically they lied) And to protect Tao’s image for being destroyed by SM, they released the facts in chronological order. Honestly, this whole thing is dragging out longer than it should and frankly I’m tired of talking about it.

AfreecaTV BJ Selli got a lot of attention for her comments she made on her show recently. She said that it’s not fair for people to view her shows without paying. Of course, that was the nicer (and cleaner version) of what she said. She went on to say that people who try to view without paying should stop being “bums” and pay because they look like “fools” for not doing so. Viewers thought she was being harsh and went into full attack mode… on her. Lovely. (sarcasm intended)


In more shocking but not so shocking news… rumors have already begun to fly that KARA is officially disbanding. After the announcement that three of the members contracts were up with DSP Media, many people began to speculate the future of the group.

One media outlet went so far as to say that not only were they over but a couple of the members were about to go solo. DSP Media said, no, that’s not true.

“DSP Media refuted these rumors by telling media outlets that the original members’ contracts will not expire until the end of the month, and that nothing is decided yet. Furthermore, an executive staff member at Key East Entertainment responded to rumors that Goo Hara was joining the company, saying, ‘The meeting with Koo Hara was simply due to personal connections.'”

(source: koreaboo)

Of course this isn’t quelling the belief that the members are choosing to go solo. It’s being rumored that not only is Goo Hara likely to sign with Key East Entertainment but Youngji might be leaving as well. DSP released another statement saying, that’s not true either.

“On January 6, DSP Media affiliates told news source OSEN, ‘Rumors saying that Heo Youngji has started a solo project are not true. We plan to consider all possibilities and lead her in a better direction but we haven’t started anything yet. What we’re most concerned about is KARA right now. It’s not the time to think about Heo Youngji’s individual activities.'”

(source: soompi)

Usually when rumors like this start, it helps the group to gain enough exposure to stick it out. Hopefully that’s the case here.

Girls’ Generation Seohyun has been added to the cast of SBS’s new drama “Moon Lovers”. And netizens are starting to look at this as a potential idol drama. She’s joining Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Ji Soo and other idols EXO member Baekhyun and IU.

“While female songstress IU will be playing the female lead with Lee Jun Ki as the male lead, Seohyun’s role will be that of the princess, in particular, the last princess of the Later Baekj kingdom. Disguised as a dancer, she attracts the attention of many aristocrats but continues to remain to herself.”

(source: koreaboo)

Honestly, I think she’ll be fine. She’s in good company with this cast.

And speaking Baekhyun, have you heard his new song with Suzy?


That’s it for today’s Kpop Update!




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