Thursday Kpop Update | Cosmic Girls “Natural Unit” Sub-Unit + Jessica Jung Grazia Interview + “Gravity” cover video + April “Snowman” Choreography Video

Alright so this is either the last Kpop Update of 2015 or the first of 2016, depending on where you are in the world. It was truly an amazing year in the year of kpop. And I’ve had a lot of fun talking about it! Now to end (or begin) the year!

BTS’ Rap Monster might not be in attendance for the 2015 MBC Gayo Daejejun. According to BigHit Entertainment, after falling on a slope during a rehearsal and being rushed to the hospital, they’re airing on the side of caution and having him sit this one out.

Jun Hyun Moo issued an apology after the whole red carpet incident with Kang Ho Dong. Fans didn’t think he treated the comedian well and decided to let him know through their SNS accounts. Well, after the outrage reached him, he issued an apology saying that he “carelessly crossed the line” and made a “thoughtless mistake”. The two of them are very close and what he meant as a joking manner between friends was taken the wrong way to the public and for that, he apologizes.

Starship has finally announced their second sub-unit, “Natural Unit” for their new girl group, Cosmic Girls. The group is set to have a few sub-units that will make up the one group. We have “Sweet Unit”, “Joy Unit” and “Wonder Unit” and now we have the “Natural Unit”.

Jessica Jung was also featured in the headlines today. She recently sat down with China’s Grazia magazine to talk about her life before and now. She talked about her days training with SM, as a member of SNSD and what she wants out of life now.

“She revealed that she trained for seven years and enjoyed it a lot, saying that she had never felt like things were so hard that she wanted to give up.  She then said that she wanted to enjoy whatever she did, like her current pursuit of fashion.”


But of course my favorite part of the interview was hearing her sing again and go figure she’s singing one of my all-time favorite songs. Here’s a video of her interview as a well as her covering Sara Bareilles’ song, “Gravity”. (4:15)


Just in case you needed so choreo to end your year or even start your year, I got you covered! Check out April’s “Snowman” choreography video!




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