Grammar of the Week | ~서 Connecting Sentences (Part 1) + 영화 (yeonghwa) [Word of the Day]


Let’s start with the WOTD and answers for last week’s activity.

영화 (yeonghwa) | “movie”


  1. 과일을 먹는게 좋다.| “I like eating fruit.”
  2. 쓰는게 좋다. | “I like writing.”
  3. 읽는게 좋다. | “I like reading.”


How’d you do? Of course there are other ways to say these same sentences and we will get to those topics. For now, hopefully this exercise was helpful.


Grammar of the Week

This week is a bit of a 3-Part. I’ve been studying how to do these for a little while now and I think each time I do a post like this, my own understanding increases just a bit. So for the next few weeks we’ll be talking about connecting sentences.

We’ve talked in the past about -하고. This is added into a sentences and functions as the word “and”. What I forgot to mention is that -고 can also function by itself in connecting sentences.

So we know -하고, -고, 그리고 and 그래서 and now ~서?

That’s right, ~서. It is also a connecting verb ending. Like the verb endings mentioned above, it can be used to connect thoughts in a sentence. I’ve been reading up on this topic at my favorite website Talk to me in Korean. I’ll post the link for all interested in checking it out at the bottom.

So we know -고, -하고,  and 그리고 mean, “and”.


그래서 and ~서 mean,  “therefore; so” .

So how do we use it in a sentence? There are rules to it’s usage. We’ll talk about the rules today and go over some examples next week.

Rule #1: It is written in an -아/어/여+서 format.

  • Ex: The verb 먹다.
    • Drop 다
    • 먹+ -아/어/여 + 서 = 먹어서

Rule #2 : It also follows four different sentence structures.

  1. Reason + [verb] + -아/어/여+서 + outcome
    1. ex: “I’m hungry so I went out to eat.”
  2. Action + [verb] + -아/어/여+서 + action
    1. ex: “I met with friends and went to the movies.”
  3. Action + [verb] + -아/어/여+서 + purpose
    1. ex: “I’m saving my money so I can buy a tablet.”
  4. Fixed expressions
    1. ex: accordingly; according to

Alright and that’s the basics to the topic! For the next few weeks we’re going to cover each sentence structure with examples.

See you next week!

And for those interested in skipping ahead and see more on this topic with examples, check out


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