Tuesday Kpop Update | BIGBANG Not Attending Ceremonies… For Good Reason + Davichi and Jay Park “White” Cover + April “Snowman” Teaser

It seems the kpop world has been in full swing for the holidays. With iKON’s Bobby and B.I joining 2NE1’s Dara on “Happy Together” Christmas special and the new teasers for winter albums, it is literally holiday season in the kpop world.

And speaking of Holidays, BIGBANG is taking one! You may have heard the news that they won’t be in attendance for the year end music ceremonies and it may have been upsetting, but have no fear they will keep all promises made.

“The Big Bang members feel very sorry towards the fans as they are not able to attend the end of the year music award ceremonies. But they are keeping their promise to fans and have chosen to make a great effort in composing their ‘MADE’ full album. In order to gift the fans with a perfected album even a day earlier, they are focusing completely on composing night and day even through the holidays.”

(source: allkpop)

So not only are they taking a break but they will also be working on album.

Enjoy your break you guys. You definitely earned it!


Davichi and Jay Park are joining together to release a classic, Fin.K.L′s ′White′. The release date is at 12 pm KST and I can’t wait to hear it!


It’s been announced that April is also getting ready to release a new winter album, “Snowman”. The official release date is on December 21st!

The teaser is super cute and I can’t wait to hear their new release.




And random surprise!

Cheetah released a teaser for her upcoming song, “Star Wars”. Check it out below!


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