Grammar of the Week |(Activity) 하는게 좋다 (I like doing..) + 공원 (gong-won) [Word of the Day]


Ok so last week, we talked briefly about this topic. Even though it’s super fun when it comes to using it in speech, it is a bit challenging to explain. We’ll go over a bit more before the activity.

But first, let’s get to the WOTD! This week’s theme is going to be “Places”.

공원 (gong-won) | “park”

하는게 좋다 (I like doing..) + Activity

Ok so like we discussed last week, 하는게 좋다 comes from the phrase, 하는 것이 좋다.

  • 하는 것  means “doing”
  • 게 is a simplified form of the word 것이.


  • 듣는게 좋다. | “I like listening.”
  • 보는게 좋다. | “I like watching.” 

You can also add additional things to the sentence to specify what you like listening to or what you like watching.


  • 음악을 듣는게 좋다. | “I like listening to music.”
  • 텔레비전을 보는게 좋다. | “I like watching television.”

Ok so let’s do an activity.


Translate the following sentences.

Vocabulary bank:

  • Fruit | 과일
  • To write | 쓰다
  • To read |  읽다
  1. I like eating fruit.
  2. I like writing.
  3. I like reading.

So that’s it for this week! See you again next week! Answers will be next week as well.

Quick Note: There won’t be a WOTD on Monday. It’ll be on Tuesday-Thursday this week. 


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