Beauty and Skincare | Jessica Jung Starts Skincare Line + Beauty Bible: “Complex Overcoming Beauty” (video)

Instead of the Monday Kpop Update, I decided to talk about beauty and skincare. Why? Well because news hit that Jessica Jung has branched into a new field outside of clothing and accessories, she’s going into skincare!

Last November 26th, BLANC & ECLARE introduced their skincare collection Serein, which was modelled by Jessica Jung herself. Already available for purchase online, the collection consists of a number of products such as moisturising cream, night cream, eye cream and more with the aim to hydrate, firm and white skin.

(source: koreaboo)

It’s actually pretty exciting to watch her transition. Though it was clear that fashion was something that she was truly interested in, I never thought that skincare and beauty would be on that list. So with the fashion line, music, and skincare… it seems to me she’s creating her own empire.

But since we’re talking about beauty products, I was watching an episode of the Beauty Bible and this episode was one that was truly near and dear to me. It’s about overcoming complex beauty standards and ideals. When I was a teen, I struggled a lot with my looks. I hadn’t grown into my features yet but I could surely point out at least 5 things I didn’t like about my face. I’m glad my mom never let me internalize any of that.

However, there are still plenty of people out there who did in fact internalize their dislike for their features, so much so that a lot have considered plastic surgery to change them. At one university they surveyed, 93.5% of people said they would consider plastic surgery.

This episode talks about overcoming those complexes together and finding a solution that’s not so permanent.


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