Grammar of the Week | 하는게 좋다 (I like doing..) + 뒤 (dwi) [Word of the Day]


Before we get started on the new Grammar of the Week, here’s the WOTD.

뒤 (dwi) | “behind”


Grammar of the Week

Today’s Lesson is actually a really fun one. I loved this lesson and I’m kinda surprised I never talked about it before, 하는게 좋다 (I like doing..).

So how do we use it?

Key Points:

  • 하는게 좋다 (informal) | comes from 하는 것이 좋다 (것이 → 게)
  • 하는 것 means “doing”
  • 가/이 | subject particles

Remember that this phrase will still need to be conjugated before you use it. 좋다 is a verb meaning “To like”. This must be conjugated properly when you use this phrase.


  • 먹는게 좋아. | “I like eating”

This is one of those lessons that I’ll cover again next week but for now I just wanted you to see it. Next week we’ll go into more detail.


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