Wednesday Kpop Update | BTS’ Rap Monster Apologizes for Alleged Plagiarism + Taeyang Comments on Group Absences at 2015 MAMA + 2NE1 MAMA Performance Gets Everyone Talking about Park Bom

It’s been a crazy day in the kpop world. First there was the grand day of 2015’s MAMA. I hope you all got a chance to see it but if you didn’t, you can see all the performances here! I was going to post them all like I did last year but then this one post would’ve been extremely long. But I didn’t forget you! Click the link to see the performances!

Day6’s Jae caught a tidal wave from ARMY asking him to show support for BTS’ “Run” after he tweeted about Yerin Baek’s new solo song, “Across The Universe”.

But since we’re already talking about BTS, let’s get right to it.

Rap Monster is known for writing his own lyrics. It’s something that he prides himself on. But apparently, according to one social media user, everything he writes isn’t exactly original.

The Twitter user first says, “The kind of people that I hate the most are the ones that take words from other people’s lives and take and use them like it’s nothing. What do you gain from that. When this happens to people I care about, it makes me so angry, and I have no intention of giving away my words like that. Do I need to protect my tweets.”

(source: soompi)

This person went on to post more proof that the words in Rap Monster’s raps have come from other places as well. The user posted screenshots and side-by-side pictures of all the places were they claim that Rap Monster did infact plagiarize. And even said that they’re collecting more evidence to see what legal action they can take!

However, the last tweet they posted was of a different tune. After seeing where Rap Monster apologized, they simply tweeted, “Rap Monster, let’s talk when MAMA is over.”

Rap Monster has responded to the allegations.

“…First, I sincerely apologize. Even though I just started creating, I am just another creator who experiences a lot of difficulties. I can’t write music through mere internal stimulation, so I take inspiration from talks with friends, books I like, movies, interviews, and letters from fans. I write the feelings and lines that left an impression on me in notes on my phone. Most are erased or forgotten, but after hearing the criticism today I realized that I was unconscious of the mistakes I made. Without knowing the source and not remembering clearly, I carelessly worked only thinking about having to write songs…”

(source: soompi)

He goes on to say that he never meant to offend anyone and that he will go out of his way to contact everyone involved to try to straighten the issue out.

Surely this can be resolved peacefully.


Taeyang has been accused of shading… SM Entertainment?

After BIGBANG won the grand award of the night, “Artist of the Year”, they took to the stage to give thanks to the fans, for the award, and everyone who stayed. Taeyang said, “But if there is one thing I’m disappointed about, it’s that many artists aren’t here to congratulate us (after winning the last award of the night).” 

Now of course this is pure speculation as to whether or not it was actually directed at SM Entertainment. For starters, there were other agencies and groups in attendance that night so it’s not fair to say he was singling out SM. Another thing to note: MAMA is over 7 hours long. I’m sure a lot of artists left.

However, one fan took to twitter to explain the absence of SM for all speculating that the comment was made to them.

I will tell you why SM was ‘rude’ today. SHINee, Red Velvet have a flight to the Czech Republic at 1. EXO is taking part in a ‘V‘ app interview backstage after they won the award. TaeTiSeo has a showcase at 8 this evening.”

(source: allkpop)

Is it a good enough reason? To many netz, no it isn’t. In fact, to them this is pure hypocrisy. They think that if the shoe were on the other foot, there would be extreme outrage. Others have regarded this as a complete lack of respect and pure disregard for other artists, specifically BIGBANG.

To me? This is nothing more than a weak attempt to start a fan war. Taeyang didn’t call out any particular person, group, agency, or name. He made a statement that was meant to be in general. I really don’t think it he meant it in the way it’s being interpreted.

Congrats on the wins for everyone! Everyone else… just calm down.


And since we’re talking about MAMA and YG, let’s move on to 2NE1.

During the 2015 MAMA performance, specifically the 2NE1 stage, Park Bom made a surprise appearance with the ladies. It was a special treat for fans as rumors fly about a comeback date and now everybody’s asking the question, is Park Bom making a comeback?

According to YG… not so fast.

There are no plans for Park Bom’s comeback yet. The MAMA stage was a surprise present for fans. For the time being, there won’t be any new songs by 2NE1, and we will be focused on CL‘s solo promotions.”

(source: allkpop)

So not only are we not getting a comeback date for 2NE1 but we also won’t be seeing Bom anytime soon.

So much for a surprise treat… 




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