The Beauty Bible | Skin and Make-Up Emergencies! (video)

I really don’t get to talk about this too much these days. As I struggle to figure out how to manage the changes going on with this new revamping of 23rdStation, I need to take a minute and go back to my favorite topic.

Hello Beauty Bible!

This episode is really one of my favorites. It’s for those who have that crazy skin! You know the kind that dries up and starts acting really weird? Yup! This is for you! At least, the first part of it is.

However, I must say the part that I was really so excited about was at the 16:30 mark. Emergency Transformation Make-up! With the seasons changing, my skin is deciding that it wants to do it’s own thing and that includes reminding me of my allergies. If you are an allergy sufferer, you’re probably very familiar with the dark circles under your eyes. Well literally in like 30 seconds they showed a way to hide all of it and still look au naturel!


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