Monday Kpop Update | A Cube Entertainment Seeking Legal Action for Defamation + MyMusicTaste Teases for New Concert + Sunny Says Goodbye to “Sunny’s FM Date”

Today was just busy. I thought yesterday was with the music video releases but I was wrong. Just dead wrong!  There were way more today that I could hardly keep up. Before we just jump into the news, congratulations to iKON. “Apology” and “Anthem” were released yesterday and today not only have the videos reached 1,000,000+ views, but they’re also at the top of the charts. Less than 24 hours later! Kinda like when Taeyeon released her long awaited mini-album. No comparison just reminded me of that.

Moving along!

A Cube Entertainment, home to APink and Huh Gak are a bit tired of the things being said about their artists. It’s getting to the point where it is ruining their reputations and they’re considering all their options, specifically legal options.

“As of late, online defamation against our artists has become increasingly severe, and the reputation of our artists has been hurt due to the spread of false rumors, the creation and spread of edited photos with malicious intents, and indiscreet sexual comments.”

(source: soompi)

This was taken from a full statement released on their official facebook page. They’ve announced that they’ll be looking over all the things that have been posted that they find to be particularly offensive as well as collecting more evidence.

They haven’t asked for help yet collecting material but I do have a feeling that is coming next.

Have you seen any of the following four images before?

Released today by MyMusicTaste on their official facebook page, they’ve announced that they’re getting ready for a new concert! Now keep in mind, they’re the masterminds behind the concerts for  Block B and INFINITE.  So I wonder who it could be this time?

Keep your eyes open!


And finally, Sunny has officially said goodbye to her radio show “Sunny’s FM Date”. After a year and six months, it was time to say goodbye. It was for the best though. With Girls’ Generation’s schedule getting more intense and a concert on the way, she had to make a choice.

But she didn’t leave without a personal statement:

“I will be leaving my love for this show here. I am glad that I was able to make so many great memories on this radio show. Thank you all for sharing all your stories of your bad days, sad days, and happy days on this radio show… I am so grateful to my listeners every day… Let’s meet again in the future. Thank you again for the memories.”

(source: soompi)

She will definitely be missed on the radio.


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