Monday Kpop Update | Somin Leaving Kpop Girl Group April + Who’s Next? YG November Teaser + VIXX “Chained Up”

Today seemed like the day of controversy and just walking away for some reason. Netizens were a bit outraged with T.O.P and his “rude” behavior by keeping his hands in his pockets and being on his phone blatantly during interviews. I have to say though, I think that has more to do with nerves than anything. Have you ever seen T.O.P perform solo? He doesn’t really move around much and he looks really nervous. I don’t think it’s intentional rudeness. Yoo Jae Suk is currently working to appeal a recent court decision involving an unpaid wages court case. Korean-American Actress Amy is facing deportation due to her alleged prescription drug abuse.

And then there was the walking away aspect of today, Girls’ Generations’ Sunny announced that she will be leaving “Sunny’s FM Date”. It’s actually kinda bittersweet. Even though she loves the show and has been doing it for over a year now, SNSD has a pretty busy schedule and it’s conflicting with the radio show. I guess one must suffer for the other to succeed. November 15th will be her last broadcast.

But speaking of walking away, April’s Somin is leaving.

A statement was released by DSP Media explaining the decision and Somin also recently released a letter informing fans of her decision. DSP said that she’s been “considering her future” and that they will continue to “support her as a label mate”.

Somin decided that a statement wasn’t enough and decided to be a bit more personal explaining her decision. Here’s an excerpt but you can view the rest of the statement here at

“Hello everyone. It’s Somin. The reason I’m holding a pen now is because as of today, November 9, 2015, I will be ending my activities with April, and I wanted to personally say goodbye to everyone… I’ve thought about it so much and after carefully worrying about it, I, Somin, as one person, will find out what I’m best at, and have decided to study… Like now, please always love and encourage. I too will encourage April and the fans, in the future wherever I am.”

(source: allkpop)

I think it’s a big step in her life to walk away from this to consider her future and pursue more personal goals. She’s at a turning point in her life right now, she’s not yet 21 but she’s old enough now where it’s time to make a decision. I think it’s huge for her to do this and I’m proud of how mature she’s being.

I wish her all the best in her self-discovery. Who knows? Maybe she’ll discover that singing is her passion and come back as a strong solo artist.

And here we are again in November and we’re dealing with a new teaser from YG. This teaser isn’t exactly new. It was released last month around the time fans were questioning whether or not YG had completely forgotten about WINNER. And now it’s resurfacing as it’s getting closer to the official release date for the new comeback.

But who is it?

I’m hoping for it to be WINNER. And I say this because they’ve been quiet for a long time now. Even though I would love love love see 2NE1, CL is working on an American debut. So it’s not exactly going to be the easiest schedule for her.

But it does say 11.21 at 21:00. Clearly that has to be a sign right? We shall see in a few weeks.

Now the moment you’ve all be waiting for, it’s haven’t already seen VIXX’s new music video for “Chained Up”, check it out below!


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