Weekend Kpop Update | Lee Tae Im On SNL + IU Talks about “Zezé” + “Twenty-Three” MV Director Speaks Out About New Video + 9Muses Comeback

Over the weekend, it seems that a lot happened, way more than I expected. Uhm Tae Woon and little Uhm Ji Ohn are leaving “The Return of Superman” and filmed their last episode. The family has decided to focus on their main careers now. We cried with you Tae Woon. And then of course, netizens began spreading some weird rumor that Jessi assaulted her manager. It wasn’t true. I don’t even know who would’ve believed that honestly. She talks tough but she’s really not that type. At least, I don’t think she is. She never gave off the vibe. YMC Entertainment even released a statement saying it’s pretty ridiculous and there’s no proof. And then of course, there’s the huge rumor about rookie vote manipulation for the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

But, did you see this yet?

Yea I know, it was pretty awesome right? And since we’re talking about music videos, the director of IU’s “Twenty-Three” music video has spoken out about the rumors surrounding it. A lot of netizens believed that it was too suggestive and with childish themes, it almost seemed like “pedophilia”. How did he respond?

“When I heard her lyrics, I felt the same way as when I read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as a child. We started with the image of the Cheshire Cat, who asks you questions and never answers. We wanted to show an IU that she had never shown before…Netizens had questioned the meaning behind the scene in the music video where IU sings, “I want to be a child forever” and pours a formula bottle over a doll’s head… “We wanted to express the contradictory content of the lyrics in an organic way… ‘I want to be a child forever’ properly, and we replaced the water with a formula bottle instead.” 

(source: soompi)

That’s only an excerpt but you can see the rest of that article if you click on the link. I do think this whole thing is being taken out of context only because everyone is still upset about her song, “Zezé”. However, she has finally spoken up about that issue in a Facebook post saying,

“I have recently become aware of all the opinions surrounding my song lyrics and it took a while before I mustered up the courage to post this… Sorry for taking so long. I deeply apologize for those who were hurt by my lyrics.”

(source: kpopstarz

She then goes on to explain that she actually loved “My Orange Tree” and she didn’t write the lyrics. However, the lyricist did speak out about the song. Yoon Jong Shin, who wrote the rendition of “Zezé“, says that he actually enjoys reading the different interpretations people come up with. He then said, that it wasn’t a “misinterpretation” or “mistranslation”, it was “simply the freedom of imagination” and he thanks everyone for their interpretation.

In other controversial news, Lee Tae Im was the host on SNL Korea. She took the opportunity to first and foremost, apologize for the incident between herself and Yewon. There was a skit where she parodied the “cursing incident” that took place and after it was over she took the time face the audience and say,

“It was 100 percent my fault. I want to pass on my deepest regrets to Yewon, who is probably still negatively affected by the scandal”

(source: soompi)

I won’t say it’s 100% her fault, but I will say both sides could’ve handled it better before and after. I’m just glad it’s over now.

Let’s move on.

9Muses have announced their official comeback! They’ve released teasers for their comeback on twitter. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out below!


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